Meant To Be: Episode 1

Femi drove back home, he was excited. He had been praying to see this day for months and finally it was here.
The dark clouds in the sky was every proof that it was going to be a stormy night. He was definitely going to enjoy his sleep as well.
The only thing killing his joy at the moment was the terrible traffic delaying him, he had spent close to two hours on the road and yet he was far from his destination. That was what came with the hustle and bustle of Lagos.
He was lost in his thoughts that he did not notice the bread seller by his window.
“Oga, buy sweet butter bread.” He turned to his window to see the young man opening his off-white teeth. The bread was well packaged, he was sure it would taste great. He did not have anything to eat at home anyways.
“How much?” he asked.
“₦200, Oga truth to God the bread sweet well well,” the bread seller replied.
Before Femi could reply, the bread seller continued “How many you go buy?”
Femi chuckled, what was it with business people. Na everything i for buy? He nearly replied but just said, “give me one.”
At that instance, the car in front of Femi’s moved, Femi heaved a sigh of relief. At last he would be moving from one spot to the next.
The bread seller however kept running after Femi’s car, he got to stop when the moving vehicles came to a halt.
“Oga, na the bread be this.” He replied, he wasn’t even panting. Femi assumed he had been in this job for long, the guy was not even sweating. No signs of the fact that he actually got to run a distance.
“Take, bring change,” Femi replied and gave him a ₦500 note. It was when he gave him the note he realised his mistake, he should have collected the change before paying the guy.
What if he ran with his money? He gave the guy who was wasting time a serious look.
“Guy, bring the change now, wetin?” He said in a harsh tone, the guy was wasting unnecessary time.
“Oga, no vex.” The bread seller replied while dipping his hand into his left pocket, he brought out a crumpled ₦200 note and added it to two ₦50 notes in his hand.
“Na him be this, thank you Oga,” he said and waved at Femi.
Femi wasn’t impressed, what was the guy expecting? That he would ask him to keep the change? He hissed.
It was almost 6pm, so much for expecting to get home before 4pm. Just as he was about to take the lane that led to his street.
His phone beeped,he had a message from Titi.
*Congrats ooooo, call me
He smiled, he would just have to get home before making that call.


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