Meant To Be: Episode 2

Femi unlocked the door to his flat, he turned on the light and took a good look at his sitting room. He walked towards his couch and sat on it, he couldn’t even remember the last time he had sat in his sitting room.
The only places he made use of in a while were his room, the bathroom, the toilet, the kitchen and occasionally his study.
He had not frequented the study in a while, what was the point back then? He had gone through hell in the past eight months, he was going to get his life back on track, not that he had one before.
He took out his phone from his pocket and dialed Titi’s number, she didn’t pick, he assumed she was busy. Titi wasn’t the kind of person who slept early even though she was heavily pregnant, she still kept late nights.
Titi was his elder sister, she was 28 years of age whereas he was 26. The bond he shared with her was greater than what he shared with his other three siblings, his parents and even his cousins. She was his best friend and everyone at home knew this, his mother even joked telling both of them that they were meant to be twins.
He would have to call her later. His first assignment would be to clean up his apartment before dinner and a good night rest could follow. He mused, “It’s definitely going to be a good night.”
Just as he was about to stand, his phone rang. It was Titi.
“Hello, fine girl with the round tummy.” He teased
Titi laughed and replied, “Aburo, for your mind now, you dey enjoy your freedom, bah?”
“As in, you don’t know how much.”
“Let me officially say congrats again”
“Titi, thank you. If you had not gotten him that job, he would still be terrorising my life here.”
“You are welcome dear”
“Thank you, for real”
Titi coughed, “Are you okay?” he asked.
“Yes, I’m fine. I caught a cold today but I’ve seen the doctor already”
“Ok, take things easy oh, how is your sweetheart and my nephews,
?” he asked whilst laughing.
“Ehn? Nephews?” Titi laughed and continued, “Abeg oh, its a girl I’m expecting, so you are suppose to ask after my husband, my son and my daughter.”
“Ok Boss, correction taken. How is everyone?”
“Everybody is fine, hopefully I should be due for delivery in two weeks. Promise to put me in prayers.”
“Of course, no wahala.” He replied and was about to pause before quickly adding, “how about maami, when would she arrive Ilorin?”
“This friday, she should come and pamper me small.”
“Well, you sure do need it.” He said and they both laughed. They continued to talk about different things until Titi explained she had to go to bed.
He teased her and wondered why she wanted to sleep this early. It was probably the cold and the pregnancy.
After ending the call, he decided he had to clean up. Despite the fact that he was tired after helping Gbenga pack his stuff and the long drive he had experienced today, he did not appreciate a dirty environment.
He would just have to do this once and for all.
Forty five minutes later, he had a quick bath and was heating the kettle to make tea when he heard a clap of thunder.
It sure was going to be a chilly night.


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