Principle For The Week: What do you see?

Bisi was devastated, how could Tomi break up with her. After all she had put into their relationship. If Tomi could reject her after three years of courtship. What was the point of living?

Mike stared at his ceiling fan while he lay on his bed. How had he gone back to square one, he just couldn’t place his hands on what he had done wrong. Why did his Boss have to sack him? How would he get another job with the high rate of unemployment in the country.

Many a times we are faced with challenges and situations that make us worry and despair.
When these times come, what do you see? Do you see failure, confusion, frustration or do you see it as a life-moulding chance.

Bisi could decide to see her break up as a better man coming her way or as a break for her and Tomi to become better people.
Mike could also see his supposed plight as a better job on the way.

The question is WHAT DO YOU SEE?
The positive or the negative?

Be positive.


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