I stole from my Dad, so what?

I sat on the chair near the pharmacognosy laboratory, the lab report was to be submitted tomorrow morning before 8am. I still had other assignments to take care of so I had to finish the lab report before heading back to the hostel.

Just then I heard voices, I looked up to see some of my coursemates.
Yinka snatched my pen from me, the guy was full of trouble. Despite the fact that he was the class representative, he was still a handful.

I hissed and snapped at him, “Give me the pen, I have a lot of work to do.”
“Just leave that one first and listen to what Yinka has to say,” Keji said.
I wondered what was up.
“Yinka, oyaaa talk.”

Yinka stood and adjusted his collar, the guy was full of drama. He cleared his throat before saying, “Well, the department of Anatomy has asked all students to pay the sum of โ‚ฆ3000 on or before next week wednesday. Those who do not pay won’t be allowed to participate in the incourse slated for nextweek friday.”

“What?” I asked, “I mean, what is the money for?”
Blessing who had been quiet all the while finally spoke, “Wo, o ti sun mi(See, I’m tired), after we’ve payed for all the necessary registration, they still come up with another textbook for sale.”

I packed my lab manual and my jotter into my bag. We decided to walk towards the hostel while discussing on the โ‚ฆ3000 fee.

When I got to my room, my roommates Kaka, Ruth and Ebube were discussing on the anatomy levy. Ruth brought out her phone and made a call, I didn’t know who she was calling until she spoke.

“Hello Dad,” a pause.
“We have a test nextweek, and there is a textbook we have to buy before then.”
“We just got notified today Dad”
She laughed and continued,
“That’s my sweet daddy, Its โ‚ฆ10,500.” She said while checking out her fingernails.

When Ruth was done with her call, the girls giggled and teased her. Apparently, they had called their parents before I came in, I just didn’t understand the whole idea.

“Hey girls,” I said.
They gave me a look that shot bullets.
“Chill now, I only wanted to ask a question.”
The girls always felt I was bad-luck to them, why would a First-class Nerd be their room-mate.
“Uhm, why do you people have fun stealing from your parents.”

Ebube looked at me as though I had gone mad.
“We don’t steal, we ask and they give us,” she replied.
“But you lie to them.” I countered.
“Wait, so you’re trying to imply that we steal and lie to them. We are simply spending their money, grow up Geek.”
They all laughed.

“And besides,” Ebube continued, “If we don’t steal from them, who will?”


The story above is a typical scenario among teenagers and youths, many don’t see the big deal in it.
“Whoso robbeth his father or his mother, and saith, It is no transgression; the same is the companion of a destroyer.”

This was what I came across while reading my Bible some days ago. ‘Prov 28: 24’. So you stealing from your parents or ‘taking’ from them isn’t right. You are similar to a destroyer and you can destroy your parents(You don’t want that, do you?)

Moreover, what you sow is what you reap, so the next time you decide to ‘take’ extra from your parents. Bear in mind that your children will do the same to you.

Take Care.



8 thoughts on “I stole from my Dad, so what?

  1. Stefikal is @ it again……..Preach the word steph……The rate @ which so called students ‘ask’ for money and d amount of money frm their parents is realy alarming……Nice one (i bet d story is a personal one) *winks*


  2. Thanks @Debola and Irevick…

    Samson it’s never too late to change. Count it a blessing that you got to read this today, I hope you choose the ‘innocent’ ways henceforth, may God help you.

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


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