Meant To Be: Episode Five

Omoye paid the okada driver and walked into her friend’s compound, she greeted an old woman sitting in the corridor.

“Mama, good afternoon.”
“Omo, bawo ni?” (My child, how are you?). Omoye understood yoruba but she was not in the mood for pleasantries.

“Fine mama, eku ijoko,” (well done) she said and walked towards Rosie’s door, she knocked and tried opening the door only to discover it was locked.

“Sebi iwo ni ore sisi Rosie,” (You’re Rosie’s friend, right?) the old woman called out to her.
“Be ni Ma” (Yes Ma)
“Wa” (Come)

Omoye walked up to the woman who gave her a key.
“Eseun Ma,” Omoye replied. (Thank you Ma)
“Ah, kini mo se?, ko tope, sisi Rosie no loni ki fun eh to ba ti de.”(what did I do, don’t mention, Rosie asked me to give you the key when you get back).

Omoye thanked the woman again while heading to the door, she inserted the key and unlocked the door. As soon as she entered the room, she started crying, images of what she had witnessed in the past one hour kept replaying in her head.

As much as she tried ignoring them, she just couldn’t stop them from torturing her. She wondered why Osagie was treating her in such a manner, after all she had gone through with him.

When Rosie had called to inform her that Osagie was dating a classy girl in Lagos, she had felt Rosie was jumping into conclusions, but she had caught him red-handed, how could she have been so naive?

Osagie had gotten her pregnant when she was in SS3, she had then had less than a month to face her SSCE exams, as soon as she had finished her final exams her father had sent her out and she had no choice but to move in with Osagie.

They had both been struggling to meet ends meet till a year and three months ago Osagie had left Benin for Lagos. He had promised to make money by hook or crook, though she never liked the dirty sound, she did not apreciate their meagre earnings either.

He called frequently and sent money to cater for her and their son Victor. Last week when he had called, he had made a promise to come home finally within the next three months. Who would have thought that her Osagie was seeing another woman the whole time?


Femi sat in the eatery contemplating on what to eat, he had suddenly lost his appetite. Just when he had decided to give love a chance again, why on earth wasn’t Sandra single?

He stood up and headed back to his office, lunch was out of the picture.


Rosie wore a confused look while staring at her friend who was asleep on the arm chair. Why wouls she choose to sleep there rather than the bed?

She walked towards her and tapped her gently.
“Rose,” Omoye whimpered. Rosie held her friend who was shivering, she was scared for her friend, the girl hardly called her Rose which meant something wa sup. Her locality was known for riots, thugs, and other crimes, had the thugs living in her ‘face me I face you’ apartment attacked Omoye?

“Omo, wetin happen?” She asked.
Rosie let out a sigh of relief, at least it wasn’t a problem relating to the bandits. She had been anticipating this moment ever since she called Omoye to inform her of Osagie’s game three weeks ago.


“Hello, Rosie how na?”
“I dey jaweee, Omo how your matter?”
“We thank the Lord, this one way you call person today, I safe?” Omoye asked.

Rosie laughed, Omoye had hit the nail on the head, she hardly called people except it was necessary, she preferred texting.
“I be wan ask something,” she replied.

“Ehen, oya now.”
“You still dey marry Osas?”
“Yes now,” Omoye replied with a tone of confidence, “wetin happen?”

“Nothing,” Rosie was confused, how would she tell her friend that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

“Rosie, talk now” Omoye was getting impatient, why would the girl call to ask her that? She concluded that something had to be wrong.

“I serious, no quanta, I go follow you yarn later.”
“Ok oooh, bye bye.”
“Greet your pikin for me.”

Rosie stared at her phone in disbelief, so Osas was still dating Omo but was enjoying himself with another lady in Lagos. She felt bad for not informing her friend.

She had hurriedly typed a text which she had sent to Omoye after deliberating on it for 2hours. Omoye had called her two days after to confirm what she had texted.

Rosie had suggested coming to Lagos for confirmations. Omoye had accepted in order to prove to Rosie that her Osagie was faithful, she would use the journey as a break from the stress she had to deal with in Benin as well.


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