Meant To Be: Episode Six


“Good morning Sir,” Halima greeted the man standing in front of her desk, she knew he was the marketing manager but he had a very funny name which she never bothered to learn.

“Is Mr Oladele back?”
“Yes sir, I already informed him about your wanting to see him, he’s expecting you sir.”
“Good, I’ll just go in then.”

The door to Femi’s office opened and Femi looked up to see Mr Dar, although he did not know his full name, he knew the name started with Dar and ended with a tongue twisting word, back when he hung with the guys they had given Dar the nickname of Dada, which was ironic since Dar sported a lowcut and not dreadlocks.

Femi stood and extended his hands for a handshake.

“Femo, how far now? We no dey see you again ooooo?”
“My brother, so many things taking up my time ooo, but I’m good.” both men took their seats while Femi continued, “Na your department wan put my head for hanger, I offend una?”

“I’m sorry about that, I ought to be out now as I have a meeting in the next forty-five minutes but I had to come apologise personally.”

“So what exactly happened?” Femi asked.
“The thing is we hired a new secretary, she just made a mess ooo, not just the reports alone but some other things as well, she is on disciplinary action now anyways.” Dar spoke while stealing numerous glances at his wristwatch.

Femi most have noticed because his response got Dar laughing out of embarrassment.

“Are you to trying to show off your watch or something?” Femi smirked.

Dar laughed and stood, “No mind me jaweee, I’m going to run late if the traffic is terrible, thats the cause of my worry.” he shook Femi’s hands, “apparently the report was sent to Miss Sandra’s office, your female friend.” he concluded with a mischievious glint in his eyes.

Femi laughed and shook his head, “She’s taken oooo, I’m signing out on her jaweee.”
“Eyah, its a pity the beautiful ones are all taken.” Dar concluded while moving towards the door, “I’ll see you later.”

“No wahala, I hope the traffic doesn’t do you strong thing.”
Dar nodded his head and shrugged slightly, his body language spoke ‘I hope so too’.
Femi continued what he was doing before Dar had come to see him, he contemplated on calling Sandra for the report, he did not want to increase their proximity and he honestly did not want to damage their friendship, she had been a good friend.

Few minutes later, Sandra called to inform him that she had found the report, she had promised to send it over but Femi had agreed to come pick it up himself.

When he ended the call, he wondered why he had made that decision, was that the best way to create some distance between them? It certainly was not.


Fola was devastated, he had been trying to reach Omo since yesterday but she wasn’t picking his calls and afterwards her phone had been switched off.

He wished he were in Benin, at least he would know what was going wrong, he had been trying to guess all day but he just could not place his hands on it.

Were her parents the problem, was it something that had to do with Victor? Was she cheating on him? His sub-conscious had quickly reminded him that he was cheating on her as well, but he had justified himself that he was doing it for the betterment of their lives.

His sub-conscious had refused to keep mute and had pointed out that she probably did it for the same reason, at that point he had refused to think about any reason anymore, he would save himself the unnecessary headache and guilt.

All he wanted was for Omo to pick up and explain to him whatever the problem was, he made up his mind, he had to leave for Benin that week.

Sandra had promised to get the complete money later, but he would manage whatever she could offer and leave her for good, he longed to be with Omo and Victor and he would just see to that.

He stood from the bed he had been lying in the whole day, wore a shirt and left his apartment for Sandra’s office, somebody was going to get a surprise visit.

*To Be Continued*


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