Meant To Be: Episode Eight


Princess walked into her room without greeting Chuks, she locked her door and lay on her bed. He had just put her through more stress, if this was how her first day in Lagos turned out, she dreaded what the remaining days of her holiday would be like.

Chuks smiled, his intention was to knock on her door and plead for her forgiveness but he knew she would get over it by tomorrow. He had been worried about his phone but seeing it with her when she came back had eliminated the worry.

He had not been surprised when he saw the way she was dressed, it would have been a greater surprise for him had she been wearing feminine clothes, he unbuttoned his shirt and took it off.

He could make use of a cold shower now, he said to himself while heading to the bathroom.


Sandra hugged Fola, they had gone out for dinner. She had suggested they have dinner at her place but Fola had refused to oblige her request.

She was going to miss him, what she did not quite understand was why Fola acted emotionally cold towards her, she consoled herself with the fact that his mother’s surgery was the obvious reason.

“I’m going to miss you baby,” she said while still holding him in a tight embrace.

“Me too,” Fola replied while stroking her hair, he had a rough day packing his stuff and he wanted to rest well before his journey tomorrow.

They stepped out of the restaurant holding hands, when they got to the bus-stop, they were fortunate to find a taxi parked by the corner.

They boarded the taxi with Sandra alighting at her place first, Fola had then given her a lingering kiss, one which Sandra had interpreted as ‘I’ll miss you kiss’ whereas Fola had spelt it out as ‘a goodbye kiss’.


“Hey sweety, did you miss me?”
The first statement she had heard kept replaying in her head, the number was a private one but that was not her problem at the moment.

When the caller had said that to her, she had asked who the caller was, but the caller had simply said, “Dami, just know that I love you and will always love you.”

She knew that voice, she had heard it before but what scared her was the fact that she thought that voice would only exist in her past but it appeared history was about to repeat itself.

She shook with fear as she recalled what this voice had put her through in the past, her problem was not the fact that the person still claimed to love her.

Her problem was the fact that the caller was a woman.

*to be continued*


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