Meant To Be: Episode Seven


Risikat stared at the lady sitting beside her on the bench, she just couldn’t stop wondering why a pretty lady would chose to dress like a man.

She however continued with the counting of the tom-tom sweets which she just bought from the market along with other confectioneries.

Princess checked the time on her phone, when would Chuks change? Despite the fact that she had called to inform him of her return earlier, he still disappointed by delaying her.

She wasn’t comfortable with the way the shop owner was staring at her, who was she kidding anyways? She was already used to the numerous and unpretentious stares she got from people.

She was thirsty, she checked her purse to see if she had any change.
“Madam, give me small coke, hope its cold?” she requested.
“Yes Aunty, I dey come,” Risikat replied with her very pronounced Ibadan diction.

She brought her the coke and a straw while collecting the money from Princess.
Princess sipped the coke, she liked the relief she felt from the first sip, the drink was darn cold.

Although she schooled in the university of Ibadan, she did not like coming to Lagos for her holidays, she preferred spending her holidays in her village in Anambra.

Her parents had however insisted that she come to Lagos this time around, her father was a lecturer in LASU whereas her mother was a nurse in a general hospital, they hardly spent time at home which meant that she would be home alone with Chuks her elder brother.

Chuks had just graduated but was still at home, all thanks to the high rate of unemployment in the country. It was a source of worry for her, she was in her final year now and she did not intend to spend time at home all in the name of searching for a job.

She had gotten home earlier to discover the apartment was locked. On calling Chuks, he had claimed he went for an interview but she knew him better than to believe that.

Her brother was a casanova and though she loved him she did not like the manner he treated girls like toys.
He didn’t do dating, she had been played in the past and as such she knew the feeling. The reason she respected her brother was that he told the girls what they were in for.

What she did not comprehend was why the girls who knew about the unwritten contract of them being used and dumped still went ahead to sign the mental contract of torture.

Her brother was a handsome dude, his looks gave him this good-bad boy look, a look that placed him in the middle of bad boys and good boys.

He used his charms on the female folks and they always swarmed around him like flies frolicking around a decayed corpse.

Chuks was jovial, adventurous, intelligent and strikingly handsome unlike their elder brother who was a bookworm. Kinglsey was 30years old and 5years older than Chuks, he was married and resided in Abuja with his family.

She was the baby of the house and was 22, she finished the bottle of coke, took out her phone and was playing the game subway surf.

She played it for about 8 minutes, quit the game, stood and stretched her limbs. She thanked Risikat and left the shop, she was tired of sitting on the same spot.

When she got to the apartment, she discovered Chuks was not home yet, she took a stroll around the house.
The changes made to the building were quite minimal, the gate and doors had been re-painted and a bench had been placed at the backyard.

How come she had not noticed the bench before? She dropped her bags on the bench, she was tired and wanted to sleep, where on earth was Chuks?

She took out her phone and dialed his number.
He had better have a good reason for keeping her waiting.
“Hello Chuks,” she spoke loudly into the phone.

The voice that responded to her was totally different from what she knew as Chuks’.

*To Be Continued*


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