Principle For the week: Bending a rule, what’s wrong with that?

Hello Beautiful people, let me start by wishing you a happy new month and a splendid week ahead. So many people pray to cross into the new year, well my prayer is that we all cross into 2014 and we equally survive 2014 as well.

Ok, enough with the speech already. I was trying to come up with a topic for the principle for the week when something happened to me yesterday.

Lesson 1: Every experience in life has a lesson, make sure to grab it and use it for good.

So back to my experience, recently I joined a public forum on the internet, and one of the rules on this forum is the fact that you should not derail a thread.

Well I broke the rule, (bad of me, right?), the truth is initially I did not see it in that way. I just felt I was having fun and keeping the thread busy, but the fact that I broke the rule remains unchanged.

Which brings me back to the topic of discussion, so many people claim to only bend the rules, others say they only made a little twist(or perhaps a big twist) to a certain rule.

Whether you decide to bend the rules, twist the rules, knot them, spiralise (does this word even exist?) or perhaps re-arrange them. Hello! You still broke the rule.

Your assignment is to check areas where you have done some changes to laid down rules. As long as you deviate from them, you broke them…

#CaseClosed. Rules are meant to be obeyed.

Maybe you could tell me about rules you twisted at some point in your life. I’d love to know.




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