Meant To Be: Episode Eight continued


“Maami, I’m fine o,”
“So you eventually chased Gbenga out abii?” Femi’s mother queried him on the phone.

“Haba maami, he got a better job and as such he had to relocate,” he defended, “so maami, you mean to tell me you left Daddy alone at home so you could pamper Titi in Ilorin, I thought you were suppose to leave on friday, why wednesday?”

“Is somebody jealous?” Maami laughed, “and besides your father isn’t alone, Dare is with him.”

Femi overheard Titi singing and laughing in the background, “Maami, is she mocking me?” he asked.

“Mock ke? She is simply singing,” maami laughed and joined Titi in singing. That was when Femi heard the wordings of the song properly, they were singing ‘some people jealous me, some people jealous me, some people jealous me because I am pampered…’

Femi simply laughed and shook his head, “Jealous indeed, maami put the phone on speaker, let me face Titi.”

“The phone has been on speaker all the while.”
“Ehen,” Femi nodded, “so she has been into the conersation all the while, Titi I’ll forgive you because I don’t do fighting.

“If I hear, na you fight pass sef,” Titi finally spoke while maami’s laughter increased its tempo. They spoke for about three more minutes discussing various family issues.

After Femi ended the call, he changed into a brown t-shirt and black jeans trousers. There was a football match between real madrid and Barcelona that night, he despised Barcelona and although he was not a fan of Real madrid, he hoped Barcelona would lose the game.

Watching the match alone in his sitting room was not an option and that was what had prompted his decision to dress. He was going to watch the match in a viewing centre across the street.

The time was currently ten minutes past seven, thirty five more minutes and the match would begin. He realised he had to hurry if he was to get a good seat.

He came out of his flat and saw his neighbour, he had spoken to the guy in the past on few occasions. He could not recall his name though he was sure it was an igbo name.

“Chairman,” he greeted with his hands raised to his head in the form of a salutation.

“Bros , long time.” Chuks replied.
“Abi ooo”
“Did you travel? For a while I only saw your brother although I haven’t seen him in a while”

“Gbenga moved out and I’ve been around, just been busy with work and stuff…” Femi sighed, “sorry, remind me your name again.”

“Chuks, its no problem but I remember yours, Femi right?” Chuks replied with a tone of confidence.

Femi laughed feeling embarrassed, “Yes,” he replied.

Chuks was wearing a Real madrid jersey, he was obviously going to see the game. Femi could not help but admire Chuks, the guy was an adonis to all respect from his good looking face to his muscular and well built body.

Femi was sure the guy had a ripped body and six pack abs which was hidden by the jersery he wore. Femi had never taken activities at the gym seriously, he knew he was not a handsome bloke like Chuks, all that mattered was that he had cash with which he survived.

Guys like Chuks had girls drooling over them, guys like him on the other hand simply had to equip their pockets and train their tongues to do the talking.

“Up Barca,” he teased Chuks who had been tieing his shoe lace.
Chuks wore a grimace, “If I hear, up Gallacticos, better don’t raise your hopes ooo, we go finish una today.” Chuks concluded.

Femi quickly raised his hands in mock surrender, “Please oh, na Madrid I dey support.”
Chuks had then smiled, “God save you. Where are you going to watch the match sef?” he questioned.

“That place across the street, the building beside that secondary school.”
“That’s where I’m headed as well,” Chuks replied.

“Lets go together now, I’m sure that place will be crowded already.” Femi suggested.

“Barcelona is going down.” Chuks had concluded while demonstrating with his hands.


Dami walked back into her hostel, she could not tell if she her being tired was due to school stress or if it had to do with that terrifying phone call.

She had just gone to meet Ore outside her hostel, the boy had a good rapport with the lab attendants. He had claimed to be discussing with Miss Funke one of the lab attendants, Funke had disclosed to him that the lecturers had given them the same substance howbeit it had been contaminated with different impurities.

Dami had heaved a sigh of relief at that point, little wonder different groups arrived at different answers.

She opened her door to find two of her roommates asleep, Chinaza was not in the room, the girl had probably gone out for chicken and chips or sharwama runs. Chinaza was the crazy one among them.

She picked up her phone and decided to check facebook. She had a friend request, on a normal day she would just accept it. But she had to be cautious, she clicked on the name to view the profile.

That was when she realised she was in deep trouble.

PS: oh ye Barcelona fans, my apologies :):)


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