Meant To Be: Episode Ten continued


“When I got back from school, you kept me waiting, remember?” she asked while he nodded, “so I dialled your number again but it was a man that picked the call.”

“A man? Why couldn’t it be a chick?” Chuks questioned.
Princess shook her head, “could you be serious for once? He claimed that his nephew stole it from you while you were about to board a bus, I had to go to Mushin to get the phone.” she laughed and continued, “from the explanation he gave, it appears that his nephew is a kleptomaniac and they were just returning from a deliverance session that afternoon.”

“But you were able to locate him easily, right?”
“Not really, I burnt my call credit that day ehn. And I equally had to compensate the man with ₦1500.”

Chuks chuckled, he knew the direction his sister was heading to, “so the long and short of the story is what? Just tell me how much I owe you jooor,” he said.

Princess placed her hands on her chest while acting like she was hurt, “Now thats mean, so you think its only money I know, abiii?”
“I didn’t say such,” Chuks countered, “I’m just taking it to the next level, since I know you’ll still demand for the money.”

“Not even a thank you,” she shook her head, “since you insist ₦5000 is your bill.” she replied while stretching her legs on the table.

“You think I have a job?” he asked, “let me give you ₦2500 jooor.”
“₦2500? No way, make it 4k,”
“Princess, why are you charging me like this now, you are suppose to help me considering the fact that I’m your brother.”

“I’ve tried now, if it were somebody else, I’d have demanded ₦8000.” she shrugged.
“Lets stick to ₦3000, consider the fact that I don’t have a job just the small change Dad and Mum leave behind, abeg now.” He pleaded.

“Oyaaa, 3k it is, when do I get the money?” she asked
“I have just 1k here, I’ll balance you.”
“I resemble mumu?” she asked, “go jare, when you withdraw give me the complete money, no play me wayo.”

“Okay oooo, but thanks. Can I have the phone now?” he placed his hands together in a pleading fashion.
“Sure,” she took the phone from the pocket of her baggy jeans and gave it to him.

“Oh my God! See messages and missed calls in just how many hours.” Chuks shouted, he nudged Princess on her shoulder, “It pays to be a star ooo, see now.” He said while placing his phone screen in her view.

She shoved his hand away, “thats your problem.”


Dami scrolled through her phonebook, she was convinced she had Tinu’s contact. It was strange that she could not find it anymore.

She never really had any mutual friend with Tinu, how would she get the phone number? Tinu had been the leader of a cult back in secondary school, all the members of the cult had been lesbians.

The cult had members within the age brackets of fifteen and fifty. Tinu’s mother was the founder of the cult and Tinu had taken the position of leadership as the eight leader since the cult was established.

When Evelyn and her mother had troubled Dami back in secondary school, Tinu had then come to her rescue. She had been shocked as to why Tinu helped her without demanding for anything but her shock had vanished when Tinu came back months later with her own demands.

They had finished their SSCE exams when Tinu called Dami, she had informed her to help her get the phone number of a lady who worked in a hospital in Dami’s locality.

Dami had gone through thick and thin to get the phone number. Nurse Feyi was a goddess in all respects, the short skimpy gowns she wore at work did not help matters. She had male colleagues swooning over her, even patients that were admitted were not left out. Rumour had it that some people pretended to be sick so she could attend to them.

The problem however was that she was full of herself, even her colleagues did not have her contact. Dami had pretended to be her friend but was not able to get the number till about six weeks after she began her scheme.

When she got the number, she had sent it to Tinu who had then informed her that her debt was fully settled. She had then avoided nurse Feyi as the guilt was killing her, but each time she felt guilty she consoled herself over the fact that Tinu had helped her get out of a bigger mess.

Evelyn and her mother were the biggest problem she had encountered in nineteen years of her life, even her parents never got to know about it.

She had borne the burden on her young shoulders until Tinu and her cult members came to her aid, from the latest developments however it seemed she was destined for trouble with Evelyn and her mother.

She cursed the day she met Evelyn, she cursed the object that brought them together. People wondered why she hated using black pens when writing, the reason was not far-fetched.

The object was a black pen.


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