Principle For The Week: does karma really work?

Hey pals, sorry this came quite late… So I’ve been thinking, maybe I should change the title to Story for the week (laughs) and not Principle for the week. Obviously I tell a story almost every time and today is no exception.

Few days ago I was sitting outside with two guys, well they are not really my friends because we are not quite close, but I guess I can refer to them as my friends. So I’d be narrating what happened in the form of a dialogue. One of them would be named (let me see)…I’ll just stick to alphabets jare.

So we have Mr A and Mr B and my beautiful self Stephanie.

B: (rubs stomach and rests his back on the bench) Guy, I dey esh big tym (interpreted= man,I’m terribly hungry).

A: go chop now (interpreted= go and eat)
B: you know wetin happen this afternoon, na him I go chop for this Iya Kofi place, as I chop finish the woman wan come collect money. I come dey claim levels for am say I don pay, na so she leave me oooo, I chop belleful

(interpreted= do you know what happened this afternoon? I went to eat at Iya Kofi’s place, when I was done she came to collect her money. And I claimed to have paid already, mehn I ate to my satisfaction).

Stephanie: haba! You should have given her the money now. Its not fair oh.
A: babe, forget that thing. All na part of hustling life (babe, forget it. Its all part of hustling).

Okay, short story right? But I’m done, I know so many people would agree with A, they’d claim this things happen, if its not your doing somebody else will do it, bla bla bla.

But I still believe in karma, whatever we do especially the little things we neglect have consequences. So you doing right or you doing wrong, there’s always a price.

And as I’ll always say ‘whatever you sow, you shall reap’. Take a look at farmers, they sow but they reap a greater amount compared to what they sowed.

So when you decide to sow good or bad, remember that you’ll reap your actions on a larger scale.


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