Meant To Be: Episode Twelve

Dedicated to Larry Sun,I really appreciate your reviews on my work(You guys should check out his story,Its splufic.I’m still on it and I totally love it)


“Mummy, please which of these buckets do you use for bathing?” Omoye asked.
“Use the blue bucket, are you going to your shop today?” her mother asked.

“No, I just want to have my bath and rest.”
“and Victor?”
“He’ll continue school nextweek.” Omoye looked at Victor who was busy feasting on the rice and beans his grandmother had prepared earlier that morning.

“You are lucky oh, thank God your father travelled. Else I don’t know what drama I’d have watched, you should have called before coming now.” Felicia said to her daughter, she was tired of the rift between her husband and her daughter and her prayer everyday was for both of them to reunite as family.

She picked up her slipper while advancing towards the cupboard, she hit a big cockroach that was about to hide behind the cupboard.

“Silly things, I wonder how many times one has to fumigate before getting rid of them totally.”
She picked the dead insect with a broom and threw it in the dustbin, she adjusted her wrapper and sat on the bed.

“You realise you are yet to tell me why you came over especially without notifying me.” she spoke to Omoye without making eye contact. She was convinced that something was not just right since Omoye showed up at her shop yesterday with her bags.

“Mummy, I just wanted to spend time here, Osagie travelled and I just decided to spend time with you and Daddy even if it would be for a few days.” Omoye replied and smiled, she hoped the story was convincing enough even though it did not sound convincing to her.

Felicia directed her gaze to Omoye who was looking at the buckets, the fact that Omoye was avoiding eye contact was not the only proof that she was lying, her reply was equally lame. How would she just re-surface on the claims of wanting to spend time after her father had warned her about visiting.

Felicia looked at her daughter, the proverb ‘the teeth are smiling, but is the face?’ came to mind, she knew behind the smile Omoye wore something was wrong. She would just wait for the truth to reveal itself.


The timeline had posts of people wishing her a happy birthday, the birthday was a year before. Did it mean that Tinu hardly logged into facebook, Dami checked the photos, this was the Tinu she was looking but if the last posts on her wall were birthday wishes from eight months ago, it meant something was wrong.

She clicked on older posts till she saw a post which read

Trashing this account, add me on my new fb account TeenhuDiva GuysSuck GalsRock.

Dami snorted, who ever used silly names like this? But the joy of being close to achieving her mission made her smile, finding Tinu meant phase one was completed.

Phase two was sending her friend request and an inbox message to be sure. She did that and closed her browser, so much work just to find somebody on the internet, thank God for technology.

She stood from her bed while leaving her phone on the bed,
“Where are you off to?” her bunkmate’s friend asked. The girl had come to visit only to meet Dami in the room.

“I have to pee, I’ll be back soon.” she replied.
She got to the bathroom only to discover it was locked. Why would the porters lock the bathroom, situations like this would require her visiting the next wing just to use the toilet.

She was still contemplating on going to the next wing or going upstairs when a girl passed by her and said, “Its better you go upstairs ooo, the porters locked it because a student broke the toilet bowl, and the other wing is messed up.”

“Oh, thanks.” she replied and walked upstairs.
How would someone break the toilet bowl? She laughed to herself, the girl must weigh more than Big Show , she just found it hard to believe that the toilet bowl got broken as a result of one person’s weight.

She got upstairs and used the toilet, she was about to head downstairs when she heard someone call her name, she turned to see her coursemate Aminat.

“Madam, how far now?” she greeted.
“I’m good oh, I was about to come to your room sef, I want you to explain something to me.” Aminat replied.

“Shey your room is on this wing?” she asked.
“Its on this floor but not on this wing, do you mind explaining it to me now?”
“I don’t, lets just go to your room.” She would not appreciate any visitor coming over to her room later, she might not even have a solution to whatever Aminat wanted to be coached on, but there is no harm in trying, is there?

Aminat opened her door while moving to her reading table, she turned towards Dami,
“you know my roomates right? Well except Nkechi, she is in accounting.” Aminat explained.

Dami waved to the girls, she joined Aminat, “So?”
“Yeah, could you help me solve this question?” Aminat requested while passing Dami a piece of paper and a black pen.

“There’s no way I’m using this,” she replied coldy.

*To Be Continued*


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