Meant To Be: Episode Thirteen continued


Emeka had been standing by a corner in class that day, it was a free period so the students were not busy, some were gisting in various corners, others were sleeping, the bookworms had their heads buried in a book while others just tilted their heads to different positions to catch any gist that was ready to fly around.

She had walked up to him and tried to reduce the tension by smiling. The boy had totally ignored her, this was worse than she thought.

She had then tapped him to get his attention,
“Emekus, na wa oo, you are shaa doing big boy for us”
“Dami, what?” He asked her, she had not expected that kind of response, she was still quiet as she did not know what to say, “I said what?” he asked again.

This time she found her voice,
“Emeka, why now? Whats with the attitude sef?” she eyed him.
He just turned and walked away, what? She said to herself, so it was that bad that Emeka would not even look her straight in the eyes.

“Emeka you are a coward,” she shouted, what she said got the attention of other students in the class including the studious ones, everybody wanted to watch the drama.

Those who had speculated in the past that Dami and Emeka were an item had their eyes popping out of their sockets, this would be the gist of the week if everything turned out well.

Emeka turned and looked at her, he simply hissed and continued to move.

Dami got angry, she picked the board duster which was on the floor close to her and threw it at him.

The dust it left on his cream coloured shirt was quick to give him an angry expression.
“Dami, what is wrong with you?” he asked while moving towards her, “First I’m a coward but you get to stone me things ehn?”

“Emeka you’re a coward, so because you’ve been asking me out and I refused you decided to stop talking to me abiiii?” she was mad that she did not even notice her classmates who were murmuring and giggling.

Emeka noticed, he did not want to be associated with any drama, he looked around the class, where was the silly Evelyn anyway? this was all her fault, “Dami just leave me alone.”

“I won’t until you tell me why? What did I do? Did I offend you? Its not as if we dated so you can’t say I broke your heart” she kept on ranting.

“You don’t have to date me before breaking my heart, Dami why?” he looked at her with sadness, he did not want this drama, but she started it and he would have to say this once and for all.

Dami looked at him with the expression of ‘what is this one saying?’
“Dami, if you were not going to date me fine. But for you to stoop low as to be Evelyn’s girlfriend, I’m dissapointed.”

“What?” Dami was shocked, now Emeka was truly crazy, students who sneaked in phones were already recording everything, others were confused, so they had lesbians in their class.

Dami had been to shocked to reply him.

However after school, Emeka had given her a note which explained everything.


Princess packed her books into her backpack, she and Chuks were going to the library, if there was one thing they had in common, it was reading.

She was wearing a grey hoodie on baggy jeans, coupled with the black and gray coloured sneakers, she took a blue coloured base ball cap and wore it.

She was in no mood to wear studs today, she looked at the mirror and was satisfied with her look, that was what she wanted, simple and boyish.


Femi looked at the time, 10am already, staying indoors was beginning to appear creepy. He took off his T-shirt and dropped it beside him on the bed, just then an idea came knocking on his brain, he could go to the gym and work out. This could be a good opportunity.

He wore his shirt back and stepped out, when locking the door he remembered he did not know where a gym was located.
He saw Chuks standing outside, the guy was dressed up, he was probably going out.

“Hey man,” he greeted and they both shook hands.
“Good morning, no work today?” Chuks asked, it was unusual to see Femi at home.
“I’m on leave oh, strange as it sounds.”
“Enjoyment things,” Chuks replied whereas Femi shrugged.

“Chuks, where did you keep the library card?” a voice called from a window upstairs.

Femi looked up to see who spoke but he did not see anyone, he knew Chuks lived upstairs and the voice he heard belonged to a female. Did Chuks have a sister or a fiance?

“I have them with me, be fast oh Princess” Chuks replied.
She was probably his fiance, the name princess suggested that.
He was asking Chuks about the location of the gym, Chuks had suggested they go together tomorrow morning when the sweet voice spoke from downstairs this time around.

“Chuks I’m ready oh, Hello Mister.” she was probably greeting him, he turned to greet the damsel Chuks had called Princess.

What he expected to see was different from what he got.
If there were rules governing a princess’s dressing, this lady standing in front of him broke them all.


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