Meant To Be: Episode Thirteen


Dami had heard stories about lesbian lovers but had not expected to see them in the act of love-making with her eyes.

Seeing Evelyn’s mother and her lover stark Unclad, Dami ran out of the apartment. She had sworn never to step her foot there again, a promise she kept to.

The following monday at school, Evelyn had apologised to her on behalf of her mum, it had taken her few weeks but afterwards she had forgiven Evelyn when she claimed she was not involved in the same act as her mother.

The visits had then taken a twist as Evelyn visited Dami’s home, it had then seemed as if all was well again till Dami confronted Emeka.


Sandra paced around her bedroom, she was late for work already but she was in no mood to prepare for work.

The last time she spoke to him was when he was in the bus, ever since she had not been able to reach him.

She had not prayed in a while but yesternight and this morning she had taken it upon herself to pray for her love and his sick mother.

She took her phone from beneath her pillow and called him again, she did not realise she was jumping on her mattress, the phone was ringing.
“Please Fola pick up,” she muttered to herself.

Her smile disappeared when he did not pick the call, she tried to stay positive by convincing herself that he was busy. She dialled his number two more times but yet there was no response from his angle.

She typed a text and sent to him, he ought to reply her when he got the message at least.

*Hey Baby, wats goin on? I’ve bin tryn to reach u since yesterday. Pls call me
I luv u *kisses*

There was no point staying at home doing nothing, she went to the bathroom to get ready, she had to be at work.


“Daddy, the sweet has finished, shebi you will buy another one for me?” his son asked while hitting him to get his attention.

“Yes, I’ll buy another one, go and change your uniform first,” he said to the boy who quickly ran out of the room to go change his cloth.
She hugged him and gave him a kiss,
“I was getting impatient of Victor’s disturbance,” she frowned.
“We are alone now,” he replied, the frown had changed the shape of her lips giving it a funny look but that did not stop his desire to want to kiss her again.

He had missed her, searched for her and here she was right in front of him. He really deserved to receive an award as the world’s luckiest man.

“Victor can return any moment,” she broke into his thoughts and turned away walking from him.
Osagie looked at Omoye retreating from him while she took calculated steps, was she trying to seduce him? If that was her plan, it was working.

Why was she even using Victor as an excuse? They had made love several times while tricking their son to sleep in the corridor or bribing him with sweets and biscuits to play with outside their compound.

He pulled her back to himself and started using his hands to work out his magic, when he looked at her face her eyes were closed. She wanted him as much as he wanted her, they had missed each other so what was all the fuss about?

He moved her to the chair, his mouth joined his hands in providing the magical sensations on her body.
“Osagie, how was Lagos?” she asked in a voice that was almost inaudible.

“Lagos was good.” he replied, this discussion could come up later.
He was unbuttoning his shirt when he said, “You realise you nearly gave me a heart attack while searching for you, right?” why did he even mention that? He ought to be killing the discussion and here he just triggered it.

Omoye lips met his in raw passion, they left each other when they had to catch a breath of air,
“You left me no choice, Osagie.” she replied with tears in her eyes.
“What happened sweetheart?” he kissed her nose and tears away, she never really mentioned what happened.

“Please, tell me” he pleaded, he felt her sorrow as her tears meant she had been hurt, but he really wanted to know who hurt her and why she was hurt, being in the dark was killing him softly.
“Omoye please talk to me,” He begged again.

Rather than her explanation, the words that came out of her lips were two words that took their passion to another level.

“Kiss me,” a request that said every other thing could wait, all that mattered was the woman he loved was right in front of him.

They had been enveloped in their own world when the ringtone of his phone interrupted, both parties had ignored it until Omoye spoke, “Just pick it now,”

“No, let it be. It will probably not ring again.”
The noisy blast of KC’s limpopo came again and Osagie cursed, why would anyone choose this hour to call him?
“Just pick it Osagie or better still switch it off.”

“Okay,” he walked up to the table and picked the phone, on sighting the caller he wore a frown.

He dropped it angrily and was about to return to Omoye on the couch but she was nowhere to be found, the phone was ringing again.

That was when it dawned on him, everything had been a dream except the phone call.

*to be continued*


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