Meant to be: Episode twelve continued


Aminat looked at Dami with surprise, “girl, chill its just a pen.”
Dami realised she must have yelled, “I’m sorry but I don’t use black biros.” she apologised.
Aminat brought a blue biro and gave to Dami who solved the question while explaining it to her.

“Oh, I see the mistake I made before, I failed to convert the temperature to kelvin, thank you.” Aminat replied while going through the solution.

Dami bade the girls goodbye and returned to her room, she felt bad that she had yelled at Aminat over a black pen, the girl would think she was a psycho.

Why was she even taking her anger out on a mere object? If there was anyone who deserved her anger it was Evelyn and her wicked mother.

When she got to her room, the girl she left behind was busy on a magazine and did not notice her enter. She sat on her bed and was about to rest her head on the bed when her visitor spoke,

“Hey you’re back, your phone was ringing earlier”
She turned to the girl, “thank you, does Chinaza know you’re waiting for her?” she asked, the girl had been waiting for long.

“Yes, I’m her cousin, I might sleep over today sef,” the girl replied.
“Okay.” Dami picked up her phone, three missed calls from a private number. Why was Evelyn calling her again, the girl had sent her a facebook request which she had ignored, but that did not stop Evelyn from bombarding her inbox with messages and now she was calling her again.

She would have to apologise to Aminat again, just because of a mere biro she was being rude to people who had nothing to do with her problems.
Back when she was in SS2, the biology teacher was explaining the circulatory system to the class. He had then drawn the human heart on the left part of the board while he wrote the note on the remaining part of the board.

Her biro had chosen that moment to stop writing, she had asked her colleagues sitting beside her for a spare pen but nobody had. Mr Bolaji had then queried her on why she was disturbing the entire class.

She had then explained to the teacher who asked the students to help out their classmate. That was when Evelyn walked up to her and gave her a black pen, Dami had never noticed the girl before maybe she was a newly transferred student.

She had however collected the pen and used it for the class, after the class she had returned the pen to Evelyn who had told Dami she could use it for the whole day.
Dami had gladly taken the pen back to her seat, the pen was beautifully designed and she secretly wished she could keep it.

Alas after school Evelyn was nowhere to be found, inasmuch as Dami liked the pen she wanted to return it. Evelyn was absent the next day as well, the third day when she came to school, Dami could not find the pen in her bag.

She had searched her bag thoroughly but the pen was missing, what would she tell the new girl? She was still racking her brain for a sensible excuse when Evelyn walked to her seat.

“Hey Dami,” Evelyn greeted, Dami stared at her in surprise, she did not tell her name the other day, did she?
Evelyn laughed, “I know your name now, everyone does too, I’m Evelyn.”

Dami smiled, “Oh, sorry Evelyn good morning” how would she tell her that she had misplaced her fine biro, “Errm, Evelyn please the pen you gave me…”

“Just keep it don’t worry” Evelyn interrupted.
“Thank you,” she replied, how would somebody give out a very fine pen like that?
Ever since that day, she and Evelyn had mysteriously become close, she had no idea they were even close until some of her classmates joked saying that they were BFF.

Then came the day Evelyn had invited Dami over to her place, she had refused but the girl had kept on insisting, when they got to Evelyn’s home Dami had sat on the sofa and Evelyn had quickly given her a peck on the cheeks.

Dami had not seen that coming, but she had ignored it Evelyn was a girl afterall and she was a girl too. One visit had there and then transformed to many visits.
Emeka who had been asking Dami out ever since they were in SS1 had suddenly started avoiding her, she liked him but she turned down his offers, she had told him they were still young for it but the guy had kept on persisting insisting that other classmates were dating.

She was sad that Emeka avoided her, she never knew the reason behind him avoiding her and she was shy to ask him about it. Evelyn had advised her to forget him and focus on other things like school, their friendship and her family.

She had felt blessed to have such a caring friend who was giving her a wonderful advice.
The day her regard for Evelyn and her mother changed was the last day she went to Evelyn’s house.

The bodies she saw on the settee in a compromising position was what did the magic.


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