Meant To Be: Episode Fourteen continued


Rosie paused, it seemed all the nerves and cells in her body were screaming at her, what had she done? Why did she have to mention Lagos? Omoye’s arrival to Lagos was suppose to be kept as a secret from Osagie but her loquacious mouth had decided otherwise.

“Rosie talk now,” Osagie roared on the phone.
“Ermm…uhmm,” what lie could she give him now?
“Rosie, wetin Omoye find come Lasgidi?” he asked again.

She would just tell him the truth,
“Osagie, calm down ehn, she just come greet me and she don return to Benin.” now that wasn’t a lie, was it?
“So she reach Lagos and she no fit call me or even come see me?”

“why you come they query me? She come my place, shey I suppose pursue am niii?” she hissed, she was getting angry with him, was she the one that sent him to cheat on Omoye?

“Rosie, I just wan know wetin she come do for Lag, na bad thing?” he asked.
“You wan know abii, na person send you go marry another wife for Lagos, for your informate ehn, Omoye know, she know.”


Dami, I think I’ll agree that I’m really a coward. I’m sorry for announcing your relationship to the whole class.
But you hurt my ego, I really like you and you turned me down for a girl, a girl Dami.

If you had even told me, maybe I would have let it go, but you just kept being close to me, you gave me the chance to keep on seeing myself as your boyfriend whereas you were involved with Evelyn.

Evelyn came to me three weeks ago when I was sitting with my friends at the playground, she called me a loser. I did not take her serious until my friends kept on bringing it up, you know how I ignore what people say.

I just decided to know why she would call me a loser, afterall the only time I talk to her is when I greet her, our paths have never really crossed.

So I approached her when she was going home, and decided to find out like a gentleman would. She then confessed that you are her girlfriend, she told me you have been dating for the past four months.

There is nothing she did not say, she even threatened me to stay away from you claiming that she is connected to thugs.

I was not moved by her threats and I did not believe her story at first, so I still associated with you in class when she was absent, I tried to coax you to talk about your relationship with her to no avail, it got me thinking, maybe she likes you and is lying about your relationship or you are really dating her and you want it a secret, I stuck and I’m still sticking to the second option.

However, some days later I and my brother were beaten at a football field across my street by some boys, they looked like our age mates just that their bodies were muscular and their faces looked tough.

When they dealt with us, Uche my younger brother discovered a note they placed beside us after they left, on it was written ‘Remember, Evelyn warned you’.

My brother nearly told my parents but after begging him so much, we lied that we got injured while fighting each other, my dad even disciplined us for that.

Even if you think I’m a coward, please let me be one. What if my younger brother who is asthmatic had an attack that day? What would have happened?

If you had dated another guy sef, the insult would not have been this much. But the blow it gave me that you Dami is dating a girl, honestly that blow is heavy and painful.

I wish you the best with Evelyn, but please in the name of God, don’t talk to me again.


She read the note over and over again, what was Evelyn thinking? How could the girl be so mean as to attack Emeka and Uche?

She knew of Uche’s condition, Emeka had told her about an attack Uche had in the past and she had felt pity for the boy.

Aside from the attack, why would Evelyn claim they were lovers? Was the girl high on something? After Evelyn had claimed not to be involved in lesbianism like her mother, only for her to go around spreading lies.

She had found it tough to leave the school premises, it was as if everybody was looking at her, most of the looks were disapproving and some were just full of shock, others she could not fathom what their looks meant.

A junior student had walked up to her,
“Senior, I thought you were the assembly prefect in JS3, afterall the morals you talked about how come you are a lesbian, and to think I made you my mentor?” she said and left.

On a good day, the junior student would not have been able to address her that way, but it seemed being tagged a lesbian made people treat her like dirt.
She had not seen the witch that caused all this, ever since the free period in class, Evelyn had mysteriously disappeared.

She hated being accused falsely, she felt bad that Emeka had given up on her, she was angry at her schoolmates who believed any gist they heard.

Most importantly she despised Evelyn.


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