Meant To Be: Episode Sixteen


What? So the caller was not Evelyn, when would this boy stop his annoying pranks?

“Why did you hide your number?” she asked, he had nearly given her a heart attack.
“My number is not hidden joor, I called you earlier you did not pick, where are you?” he inquired.

“For your information your number is hidden. I’m in the hostel, what’s up?”
“I wanted to give you a material, can you come out?”

“Give me five minutes, I’ll meet you outside.”


“Sit down, I ought to be on my way to the shop. But we really need to talk.” Felicia said to her daughter while seating on the bed.

Omoye sat on a stool opposite the bed her mother sat on.
“Omoye, your father would arrive anytime soon. As far as I know the business meeting he went for ends today, don’t think I’m chasing you oh, I’m not.

I’m just bothered because it appears you are confused. I’m a woman and I know all is not well and your method of approach is equally wrong.”

“Erm, mummy I don’t understand…” Omoye replied.
“No no, don’t interrupt me just let me get my point across, its obvious you have issues with your ermm, do I call him your boyfriend or your husband now? Since he never came to ask for your hand in marriage?”

“Don’t interrupt, I’m not proud of the mistake you made years ago and I’m equally not proud of how you are handling the situation now.”

She coughed and continued, “When life presents you with problems and challenges, running away from them is not the solution. Stand and confront your problems, confront your fears. Something tells me this has to do with another woman.”

“Who told you mummy?” she asked, she had not expected to start the day with this mother to daughter talk but it seemed something good would come out of it.

“I thought I asked you not to interrupt, nobody told me anything. Let me tell you a secret, when you were about six years ago, your father started acting strange,” she sighed and shook her head.

Omoye looked at her mother, why did her mother’s eyes look like the lacrimal glands were full and ready to secrete? Did her father cheat on her mother in the past?
“Mummy, I want to know, please tell me” she said while sitting beside her mother on the bed, it would be better if she did not see her mother’s tears.

Felicia sniffed, “Of course, I’ll tell you. I discovered your father was seeing another woman, the day I found out I left the house and went to my mother’s place. My father was late, but thank God for your grandma, may their souls rest in peace.”

“Amen,” Omoye replied, if her ears were functioning properly, it meant she was applying the same tactics her mother applied years ago. Blood was really thicker than water.

“You see, my mother sent me back immediately, she told me I was being foolish by allowing another woman gain complete access to my man. If something is yours, you fight for it, you don’t run away from your problems. If you run, no matter how long you stay away from the problem, it will still remain a problem until you take care of it.”

Omoye nodded, she was really being foolish. What if it was the lady that was seducing Osagie? Or what if Osagie had decided to have fun in Lagos? She did not know what really happened, all she knew was that it hurt so much that another woman had gained access to her man.

“Omoye, I should have sent you back that first day like my mother did, but I’ve missed you, I saw it as a good opportunity for me to spend time with you and my grandson. Just think things through and know that you have the power to choose, whatever choice you make, it is entirely upto you.”

She stood from the bed and adjusted her wrapper, “One more thing, all my friends have gone for their children’s wedding. You are my only child, please give me the joy of seeing you properly wedded. I’m off to the shop, I’ll see you when I get back.”

Felicia picked her purse which was on the table and carried a blue nylon bag, she checked the standing mirror to see if her scarf was still in place.

She was about to leave the room when Omoye spoke,
“Thank you Mama,” she turned and smiled at her daughter while nodding slightly.

Omoye lay on the bed, she had switched off her phone for days, Osagie would be worried in Lagos and he did not even know she knew about his two-timing, she brought out her phone from her bag and switched it on.

Minutes later, she received a text from Rosie. What? Osagie was in Benin? When did he arrive? And Rosie had told him about her visit to Lagos?

She was thinking of a way to address the whole mess when her phone began to ring.

Well, speak of the devil, Osagie was calling her, pressing the green button suddenly became a herculean task, what would she tell him over the phone?

She was still contemplating on picking the call when it ended, she sighed, it was better they talked later. Minutes later her mother’s words came to mind, face your problems.

Enough of the running, she picked her phone and dialled Osagie’s number.

She was going to get her man back.


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