Meant To Be: Episode Seventeen


His leg kicked an object, he shone the torchlight at the object.
“silly battery,” he muttered to himself, he quickly inserted the battery into the phone while still kneeling on the floor.

The speed with which he fixed the battery could probably beat the speed of light only if that were possible. The problem however was the phone decided to spend forever in booting.
He waited in silence, the silence in the room was overwhelming, he could hear his heart beats. Was he nervous or scared? How could someone’s heartbeat sound in this manner?

The phonebook was the next source of worry, why did phones have to be designed like this? After much ado he dialled Omoye’s number, she picked at the second ring. Thank God.


She held the phone while still crying, why was he humiliating her in this manner? As her tears flowed it made her see how much she missed him, how much she wanted to hear his voice, she wanted to hug him, kiss him and tell him everything was alright.

But her confused mind stood in the way, she still found it strange that he switched his phone off after she had called him. He could have just picked it to tell her off rather than switch off the phone.

The phone started vibrating, she cleaned her wet face with her hands and looked at the phone screen, was Osagie in the right frame of mind? Why was he calling her all of a sudden?

She could not tell what emotion she was feeling presently? Was it joy that he was finally calling? Or could it be anger and pain that he was toying with her feelings.

“What? What? Osagie what’s all this?”


“What? What? Osagie what’s all this?” she yelled over the phone.
He figured she had been crying, he wanted to say something but he was scared to say the wrong thing.

The only words that fell from his mouth was, “I’m sorry Omoye,”
he truly was sorry, he needed to see her and talk to her face to face. He did not want it to be a phone affair.

“Sweetheart, I’m truly sorry. What was I thinking? I was silly, but I’ve learnt and I just want to make this right.” he kept on saying.
He could hear her crying, “Please say something,” he begged. It would be better for her to unleash her anger, hurt and pain on him rather than keep quiet, “Please Omoye, please,” he begged again, he was still on his knees, the pain he was feeling from kneeling for long was nothing compared to the pain he felt in his heart. A pain he brought upon himself.

“I don’t know what to say, you hurt me Osas, you shattered the trust I had for you, you treated the love I had for you as trash. You hurt me, you really did.” she replied, her words were not really clear as she kept on sniffing at intervals.

“I’m sorry baby, please come home. Let’s talk about this, let’s settle this. You are the only woman for me, she does not matter. Its you I want, please.”

“Osagie just call me back, my head is going to explode.” she said to him with sadness laced in her tone.
“Baby, I will. But please come over and lets talk, I love you baby.”
She ended the call from her end while he still held the phone to his ear, he had really spoken to her, her voice was still as sweet as ever despite the fact that the tears were present.

He wanted to hear that voice again but this time he wanted to see her lips do the talking.

Thoughts of Sandra came knocking on his mind, he felt guilty. How could he have been so heartless to the innocent girl thereby placing his relationship on the line.

He had learnt a lesson, he would never make such a mistake, not even in his second life.


Princess signed out of the library, Chuks had left earlier claiming he had an appointment at Ikoyi.
She wore her backpack and was approaching the gate when she heard a familiar voice,

“Aunty Princess,”
“How are you?” she smiled while embracing Kike.
“I’m fine, I saw you and your brother reading but I didn’t want to disturb. Its been a while oh.” Kike replied while pulling away from the embrace.

“Yes oh, I’ve not been in Lagos in say two years.” Princess nodded as though she wanted to be sure of the duration she was away from Lagos.
“Why now? I don’t have your number sef?” Kikelomo replied while passing her phone to Princess, “I gained admission into Uniben, I’m studing biochemistry.”

“Wow! congrats, thats what you always wanted, right?”
Princess inputted her number into the phone and gave it to Kike, “Just flash me so I can save yours. But why Uniben now? I thought you wanted to join your sister in Lag”

“No way, I don’t want Lagos ooh, with the way she is always at home. Its annoying and you know how she can be. That reminds me what happened to both of you?”
“Nothing much, out of sight is out of mind,” Princess replied.

“Alright then, I’ll see you later.” Kike waved and went back into the library.
Princess walked, she was happy she saw Kike, how would she tell Kike that her sister was a backstabber.

If there was anybody she wanted to avoid, Kenny topped that list.

*to be continued*


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