Meant To Be: Episode Sixteen continued


Dami greeted the hostel porter standing by the door, came out and scanned the area outside her hostel. Now where could he be?
Her phone rang,

“Hello, where are you?”
“I’m at yem-yem, I’m coming now.”
She hung up and sat by a corner, barely two minutes later she saw him walking towards her direction.
“Hey,” he greeted.
“Hi,” she responded, “so you later confirmed that your number was hidden, right?”

“Yeah,” he laughed, “I never knew it was hidden, so who is this Evelyn that got you worked up?” he said while sitting beside her.
“What about the materials?” she asked with her hands stretched.
Ore gave her the materials, why was she dodging the question?

Did this Evelyn have anything to do with her mood swing?
“Thank you, when did the lecturer release this?” she asked.
“Two hours ago I guess. I happened to meet the class rep and I begged him to allow me make two copies.”

Dami smiled, “thanks, this one you are being nice,” she nudged him playfully.
“I’m always nice,” he looked at her, couldn’t she see how much he cared about her? He did not like this Dami, he wanted the old Dami back. He wanted her to confide in him, he wanted to help her solve her problems, why was she determined to carry her burdens alone?

“Dami, you are yet to answer me.” he said.
“How?” she asked
“Tell me about Evelyn, I’m sorry, I mean, its not a must you tell me but please I want to know.” he pleaded.
“Ore the gentleman,” she teased, “really its nothing serious, thank you.”

Ore scratched his hair, if she did not trust him enough to confide in him he would just wait till she came around.


Osagie pinched himself, he had to be really dreaming. Omoye was calling him? Considering the fact that she knew about Sandra he was not expecting her to give him an audience much less call him back.

Today was his lucky day afterall, out of the excitement and ectasy he was feeling, he mistakenly dropped the phone when he was about to pick the call.

The battery and the phone case took the moment as an opportunity to break away from the bond they had long shared with the phone.

“Shit,” he cursed, he bent down to pick the scattered parts of the phone.
He found the phone casing and the phone close to the chair, he made a mental note to get a phone pouch to avoid situations like this. This was not the first time he was experiencing such, see what procastination had done to him. He promised himself to get the phone pouch before the week ran out.

Now where on earth was the battery? He picked the torchlight on the cupboard and crouched over the floor in search of the battery.

Was today really destined to fetch him bad luck?


“Face your problems, I’m facing it, I’m fighting for what is truly mine.” she kept mumbling words to encourage herself while placing the phone close to her ear, the phone was ringing, why was he delaying to pick the phone?

Was he not the one who had called her few minutes ago? Or was he retaliating by giving her the silent treatment?
She hung up, why was the number suddenly unable to connect? Her subconscious told her ‘you’ve lost him girl.’ A tear drop fell on her arm and that was when she realised she had been crying.

‘You’ve not lost him, you can’t lose him because he is yours’. It was as if her subconscious had divided into two parts and each one was bent on driving his point home.
‘No, you are just a secondary school leaver, you have no money, no class, nothing. The dude has moved on.’

‘That’s not true, don’t listen to her. You are beautiful, unique, special and you are you. He loves you Omoye not her.’
‘You had better wake up and see that you are just a loser, the earlier you realise the better.’

‘No way, you are not a loser, you are the best, a winner. Stay positive girl, he still loves you and thats why he wants to keep in touch. Its just network problem, that should be the problem now.’
‘Network problem indeed,’ the other part replied.

She felt like her head was going to explode, could her mind just do her a favour of shutting up? She cried the more, she looked at her son who was asleep.

How much she longed to be in his shoes, free from the problems and troubles life had to give.
What if Osagie was calling her earlier to break up with her officially? That was a big possibility.

Oh shut up, she said inwardly to herself, why was she overthinking this? She had to stay positive, he was probably calling to ask for forgiveness. It had to be that.
She dried her tears, what ever happened to the courage and determination she had few minutes ago?

With the last bit of courage and hope she had, she dialled his number again.

“No,” she screamed, how could his phone be switched off? Why would he switch it off after she had just called him? She felt hurt, men and their silly ego.

She blamed herself for calling him in the first place, so much for facing your problems and being positive.


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