Meant To Be: Episode Seventeen continued


Omoye packed her remaining clothes into her bag, she had been packing for over thirty minutes, she wished she could leave immediately but she thought against it.

First, Victor was still asleep, there was no point disturbing his sleep, secondly her mother had gone out, it would be rude if she left without seeing her.

However, she wanted to kill two birds with a stone. She had no doubts about Osagie’s love for her, he had said all she needed to hear over the phone, she was going to make this right no matter how hard it seemed.

Deep within her she knew he deserved and had earned her forgiveness, it would only take her a little time to heal completely, the second bird she planned to kill was her father, not literally of course.

The man had not spoken to her in years, she was not going to leave his house until he gave her an audience. She just prayed everything would end fine and fast, that way she would be able to return to her home feeling fulfilled.

Her phone started ringing, it was Osagie, she smiled.
“Hello Omoye, you asked me to call you back,” he said.
“Yes, I needed to clear my head.”
“Please forgive me and give us another chance,” he pleaded. She knew she had forgiven him, but why were the words refusing to come from her lips.

“Osagie, I’ll come home but I can’t come home today.”
“Why?” he asked,
“I want to see daddy before I come home,” she heard him mumble somethings to himself, she was not surprised, her father really hated Osagie.

“But as soon as I’ve settled things here, I’ll come home so we can talk.” she continued
“Okay, how is Victor? Please can I talk to him?”
Omoye almost laughed, he was really feeling bad, who would think he would beg to speak to his son, she liked the way he was using please in almost every statement he made.

She needed him to know she had forgiven him, only that her mouth appeared heavy to say those words.
“He is asleep,” she replied.
“Alright, I’ll be expecting you. Can I call you again?”

Omoye gave a healthy laugh, he was asking for permission to give her a call, now this was the height of sweetness.
“Of course.” she replied.
“Thank you, this means a lot to me”

She did not know what to reply him at this point, all she knew was that she was happy. Her curious mind was still bent on knowing why he cheated on her, should she let sleeping dogs lie? Or would knowing about it help her healing heart?

“Its nothing Osagie,”
“Thank you, I love you Omoye,” he said and continued, “I’ll call you later.”
That statement signified that he was going to end the call, she had not mentioned the fact that she had forgiven him or the fact that she was still very much in love with him.

Life was all about taking risks, wasn’t it? If taking a risk was the next option, she would willingly do it.
“Osagie hold on, errm..” she sighed, “even though we still need to talk just bear in mind that I’ve forgiven you.”

Osagie did not say anything, she checked to see if he had ended the call, thank goodness the call was still on.
“I love you,” she finally said, what magic did those words possess? The calmness she felt after saying them made her wonder if there was no magic linked to them.
“oh Omo,” she heard him sigh, “you don’t know how much those words mean to me, thank you.”

The words equally meant a lot to her as well, everything happening pointed to one fact, Osagie was her man, she loved him and he loved her back.

After ending the call, she resorted to packing her remaining clothings. She would have to check Victor’s clothes which she washed yesterday, she swept the room and cleaned up everything that needed to be cleaned.

She had to put everything in order before leaving her parents house, she saw the pile of clothes her mother left by a corner, although her mother had not instructed her to wash it, she decided to wash it before leaving.

She packed the clothes and left the room while heading to the backyard.
She spent about forty five minutes washing the clothes, as soon as she rounded off with the washing she packed Victor’s clothes.

She opened the door only to find a stranger crouched over her son who was sleeping on the floor.

She was about to scream at whoever the visitor was till she saw the face of the intruder.


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