Principle For The Week: Watch your tongue 2

Hello people,

Good day, so I decided to continue on this topic but in another dimension of course.

Last week was more of transferring your aggression to someone else, well this week lets talk about sowing positive words and seeds into other lives.

I have a neighbour who at the slightest provocation yells at her kids saying things like, ‘are you mad?’ ‘idiot’ and so many other bad words. These children are about two, five and seven years old respectively.

It might sound funny but its the truth, there was a day the daughter misbehaved and the woman shouted, “Are you mad?” Guess what the young girl said, “No”…(laughs). She replied and ran like no man’s business, to most people it might sound rude that the little girl replied her mum before running off.

Well I won’t be dwelling on that, I’m glad the girl could answer the question.
How does your speech affect the next person? I’m equally guilty of this, so many times I just say something wrong but situations like this require an apology.

A lot of people are even too proud to apologise for a simple mistake and when they even get to apologise, they are not forgiven.

1. Lets watch what we say
2. Lets be humble enough to apologise when we say or do something wrong to others.
3. Lets have a forgiving heart to forgive others, truth be told this could be difficult in some situations. But forgiving and letting go is a better option compared to bearing grudges. Try it, compare and see for yourself.

Its Stephanie signing out.
Merry christmas and a happy new year in advance…Remember the reason for the season.

Take care.

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3 thoughts on “Principle For The Week: Watch your tongue 2

  1. Yea,I can also relate with that…………the woman living behind our house does just the same,in fact,when you see the type of stone she carries and the way the Children run,you won’t know when you start running and that’s after she has abused the life out of,when the eldest of them use those bad words on his younger ones,she gets angry and beats the child real bad,as if she wasn’t the one that practically taught him…………so so annoying.
    Compliments of the season…………
    Welldone sister.


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