Meant To Be: Episode Nineteen


Femi was dressed already, he had no tracksuit and was simply wearing a sweatshirt on knee length shorts. Chuks had told him to prepare before six am, he was ten minutes earlier.

He could not state the reason behind his eagerness to go to the gym, was it because he was going to start working out like other guys did? Or could it be that he was anticipating to meet Princess again?

He assured himself he did not like her in an intimate way, he simply saw her as a puzzle he wanted to solve, he just wanted to be friend with her and really get to know her.

At least by the end of his official leave, he would be able to boast of having a new friend, a tomboy at that.
When would Chuks arrive? He could go upstairs to call them or he could wait for them to come get him, he weighed both options, he would rather wait for them.

About three minutes later he heard a knock on his door, he opened the door to see Chuks dressed in a tracksuit and carrying a bag, the guy was all set but Femi was disappointed.

He was expecting Princess to go to the gym as well.
“Good morning,” he greeted Chuks, the fact that he did not see her did not rule out the chances of them meeting later, did it?
“Morning,” Chuks replied with his hands extended for a shake, “You are ready, bah?”

“Yeah,” he came out and locked his door, “Is your sister not going?” Shiit! Why did he have to ask that question? What if Chuks read another meaning to the question?

“Its a guy thing today oh,” Chuks replied.
They both came out of the building and Femi was surprised to see Princess standing outside the gate.

“Good morning,” she greeted.
“Good morning,” he replied while facing Chuks who was already laughing.
“I was pulling your legs jawe,” Chuks replied.

They all left their street, since Femi had no idea where they were headed, he simply followed, they discussed on issues ranging from the security in their locality to the power supply before Femi asked Princess about her schooling.

Before they got to the entrance of the gym, he had discovered few things about her. She was a final year student studying Accounting in the university of Ibadan, she was the last child of her parents while Chuks was the second child.

Although he was curious to know about her dress sense, he never bothered to ask. It suddenly did not seem important anymore, he enjoyed the little chats they had on the way to the gym.
She spoke with such intelligence that made him wonder if she had acquired the skill of carefully picking her words before spilling them out of her pretty mouth.

The distance to the gym suddenly appeared short, he did not even notice they had gotten to the gym.
At that point he knew if he was given the options to either work out in the gym or continue to gist with Princess, he would choose the latter.

He was assured this friendship would be a rewarding one.


Omoye lay on the bed listening to 97.3 vibes fm, she smiled on recalling the events of yesterday. Who would have thought she would ever hear from Bose again? She had not expected to see anybody in the room after she finished washing clothes much less Bose.

Bose was her playmate right from her childhood days, they had been so close but things had changed when Omoye got pregnant and left the neighbourhood.

Bose claimed to have just returned from Abuja and was running an errand for her mother. Bose’s mother had given her a parcel to give to Omoye’s mother, Bose had then come into the room to see a young kid sleeping on the floor.

Both girls had been shocked to see each other and had locked themselves in a tight hug, they had continued to gist and catch up on lost time.

Bose was now a doctor, Omoye had almost fell bad on realising that she had thrown away the chance she had as a teenager to be successful.
But Bose had quickly corrected her, reminding her that success was not measured by your educational background alone. She had advised her to register for adult education classes and work toward expanding her tailoring business.

She had learnt that Bose was married to an edo man and had a young daughter. It sounded funny to both of them because while growing up they had always made promises that nothing would make them date an edo man much less marry him.

Ironically Bose was married to one and she on the otherhand had an edo man as her man, the only difference however was that she was not yet legally married to Osagie. Well she had confidence that very soon people would no longer see her as a baby mama.
Osagie had spoken to her thrice yesterday and had even called her early this morning. He was acting as if he was on a mission to win her heart again, if only he knew how much he had already trapped her heart in his palms.

She only wished she would be able to walk her way back into her father’s heart, she yearned for his forgiveness and love.

She hoped their meeting would be a happy reunion and not a sad one.

*to be continued*


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