Meant To Be: Episode Twenty


“Gbenga?” What on earth could Gbenga be doing in Surulere by this time of the day?
“Can I come in?” Gbenga asked.

“Sure” Femi replied while making way for his unexpected visitor to come in, he wondered what was up that Gbenga would come to visit him that early.
“So wa pa?” (Hope you’re good), he asked Gbenga. He had actually missed him, but he had to admit Gbenga moving out was all for the best.

“Mo gentle oh, (I’m gentle) just some issues jawe,” Gbenga replied while settling on the settee, “This place is looking neat.”
“Before nko?” Femi asked, like he Gbenga was not the ambassador for filthiness, “what were you expecting?” he inquired while sitting on the seat beside Gbenga’s.

“Exactly what I was expecting jawe, I know you are dying to know why I came,” he laughed, “abiii I dey lie?”
Femi had to laugh, the good thing was they were honest in their discussions even though they were always at loggerheads with each other, the other party knew what the other wanted.

“You no lie now”
“I forgot our family picture and you know my parents remembrance is around the corner.”
Femi nodded in understanding, “I know, but do you know where you left the picture?”

“Yes, permit me to take it,” Gbenga requested while walking towards his former room. Femi sighed, his uncle’s death had hit the whole family really hard, it had been more painful when his wife followed suit.

Their remembrance was around the corner, his cousins had kept the tradition of honouring their parents every year.
“I found it,” he looked up at Gbenga who was cleaning a photograph with his hands.

“You’re hungry?” Femi asked.
“No, thanks. I don chop,”
“Okay, shey you are still around?”
“Yeah but I’ll leave soon shaa, uhm Femi please there is something else and its urgent.”

Femi looked at Gbenga, what trouble had he gotten himself into this time around? “Okay, spill it out. I’m all ears”


Princess took slow calculated steps behind Chuks, Chuks had suggested they play a game of cards with Femi in his apartment, she had no problem with hanging out with anybody.

But the fact that she just met this young man who in a way appeared to be nice was what stood in her way, the last thing she wanted was being too familiar with any man. Men were not just worth it, a man could be all calm and gentle on the outside while he really was like a bomb waiting for the right time to explode and show his true colours.

As far as she knew, the popular saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ was applicable to men in every way. Princewill had taught her that fact in a hard and painful way.

Chuks was already knocking on the door, if Chuks would be around then there was no problem entering the apartment.

A voice spoke from the inside of the apartment informing them to come in, she went in to see another man sitting with Femi.

So she would be the only girl in the midst, she only met with situations like this in school and they happened in public places like classrooms and parks not in a flat.

She was not sure if she wanted to be a part of this.


“Guys I have to go,” Dami informed her friends while standing up.
“Alright now, we’ll see you later.” Israel the chatterbox among them replied.
“Me sef dey go oh,” Ore said while carrying his backpack.

“As your wife dey go, you sef go find levels now,” Israel chipped in whereas the others burst into laughter.
Ore shook his head and laughed as well, “If he pain you, make you sef go find wife. Busy body.”

Ore left with Dami, none made any statement from the time the left sciences till they got to Moremi hall.

Ore had then grabbed her hand out of impulse while turning her to look at him,
“What?” she asked, why would he just grab her like she was a little girl. It was not as if she was about to cross the road wrongly, so what was up with him.

“Am I your friend?” he asked with his grip still tight.
“Of course,” she smiled while attempting to release her hand from his strong grip, what was with the questioning? He released his tight grip.
“You are a liar Dami,” he countered.

What? Now somebody forgot to take his medicines, “what is wrong with you now?” she asked, she did not have time for his silly pranks. She had enough on her head already.

“Dami, for sometime now you’ve been off. And yet you insist nothing is wrong, an unbelievable lie if I must add.”
“Ehn?” She spoke with a sneer.
“Don’t go forming innocence, its not working. I’m worried about you but you are not even worried about my worry.”

She laughed inwardly, now the guy was spewing sentences that got her worried.

“Ore you don’t need to be bothered, I’m fine. I told you before now” she explained, maybe acting sweet would calm him down and he would change the topic.

“No Dami, I’m tired. Its either I know whats really going on even if its just a glimpse or you confirm that I’m not your friend,”

*to be continued*


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