Meant To Be: Episode twenty continued


“Good morning Ma,” the gardener greeted his madam who obviously did not realise she was grinning so much.
“Good morning,” she replied and walked past him.

Haruna dropped the shears in his hand on the floor and looked at the pretty woman who just walked past him, only God knew why she was in such a jolly mood.

For the past five months since he started working there, she had never replied his greetings.
He sighed, picked up his shears and got back to his work.

Whatever made her happy, he prayed it lasted.


Sandra proceeded to her office while silently singing the song she had been singing all the while. Why were her co-workers looking at her as if she was in her birthday suit?

She checked the cream coloured pant trousers she was wearing, was something wrong with it? Her black cotton shirt was still in perfect condition, so what was with their looks? She ignored them and kept on humming to herself.

They could not understand what it felt like to be in love.


“I wonder why you are sleeping like a log of wood,” Felicia said to Omoye who was still rubbing her eyes, she obviously did not like the fact that her sleep had been disturbed.

“Good morning Mama,” she greeted with a yawn, why did her mother wake her up? Was she not suppose to be at her shop already?

“Good morning, you know where I keep my purse?” Felicia asked.
Omoye shook her head, so this was the reason her sleep was interrupted. “When was the last time you saw it?” she asked her mother while scanning the room for the possible location of the purse.

“Is that not it there?” she pointed to a black purse on the table.
“I just bring this one out now, na the brown one I dey find, my money dey inside.” Felicia explained.

Both mother and daughter stood and searched for the purse, eventually they found it in Felicia’s bag. Omoye nearly hissed, so the darn purse was in her bag the whole time. Felicia noticed Omoye’s reaction and apologised to her daughter, it was a similarity she had with her father, they cherished their sleep.

“No vex, I don disturb you. Your pale go soon come, make u take am jeje oh.” she aplogised and advised.
“Yes Ma,” Omoye replied, she doubted if the sleep would return again.

After her mother left, she tried to memorise lines she would use when her father showed up.
‘Dad, welcome I’m sorry I’ve been a prodigal daughter.’
She would have to kneel down she said to herself, ‘Papa, Please forgive me’

She kept on mumbling different lines to herself. She did not realise she had spent about thirty minutes analysing how the meeting would go.

The sound of the door opening separated her from the world of her thoughts.


Chuks shook hands with Gbenga and Femi,
“Long time,” he addressed Gbenga.
“Na so oh,”

Princess waved at both men, she wanted to take her seat but would it not be rude to just sit as if she was in good rapport with them.

Chuks obviously knew the stranger, and her silly brother could not even help with the introductions.
“Gbenga meet Chuks sister Princess, Princess Gbenga,” Femi introduced both parties, “You can sit Princess.” he added.

Princess blessed him in her mind for coming to her rescue, she sat while nodding her head at Gbenga who waved at her.
“Gbenga we’ll talk later now,” Femi said to Gbenga, he was yet to find out what issue Gbenga had gotten himself into. And he was sure it was not a good thing, he did not want to involve outsiders, they could discuss it later.

“No oh, they might even be of help,” Gbenga objected.
“Uhn?” Femi asked, was his cousin thinking?
“I’m serious Femi, I’m confused. They might be of help.”

“Whats wrong?” Chuks asked, were this guys involved in dirty deals? Maybe he and Princess should not have come in here in the first place.
Princess however brought out her phone and started playing a game, she would resist joining their conversation.

“Na woman matter oh,” Gbenga replied.
Princess ears were alert, she was interested in the gist but did not show it. She just pretended to be engrossed in her phone.

“What else?” Femi hissed, “I need a glass of water.” he said to no one in particular while leaving the sitting room.
He came back few minutes later and asked, “so are you done explaining to Chuks? Princess is obviously not interested in the discussion.”

Princess looked up as she heard her name, there had been no discussion. What was this one saying?

“Femi, sit down. I really need your help, no jokes.” Gbenga pleaded.
“Oya now talk, let me just stand.” Femi replied.
“Okay, a lady is pregnant for me. The thing is she wants to abort the pregnancy while I want her to keep it. Its causing issues.” Gbenga narrated.

Femi looked at his cousin, “Whatever happened to using protection?”
“It was a mistake that happened once,” Gbenga replied with his face downwards.

Princess looked at Chuks, she had expected him to ask the question as a player and not Femi but was surprised when she saw something in his eyes.

Were those tears?


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