Meant To Be: Episode twenty one cont.

Femi shook his head and sat down, Gbenga had it coming a long time ago ever since he decided to bless every lady he met with his third leg.
“So you want the baby but she doesn’t,” he said more of a statement rather than a question.
“Yes,” Gbenga replied while using his handkerchief to clean the beads of sweat forming on his face.
Princess looked at Chuks whose head was obeying the law of gravity, she could swear she had seen his eyes get wet and now he was quiet, what could be wrong?
“Chuks what do you have to say.” Femi said to Chuks who raised his head and shrugged.
His eyes were suddenly clear, she probably was seeing things.
“Princess?” Femi said, she got that as a cue to speak.
She had actually wanted to speak since but had kept quiet, since the invitation was here she would utilise the moment.
“Well, I think its a strange situation,” she started, “I mean usually the guy suggests abortion whereas the lady opposes.”
“Exactly!” Femi chipped in.
Gbenga looked at the young lady who was starting to pass her point across.
“The question is why do you want her to keep the baby?” she asked him, she understood the plight of the lady in question, why would the lady want to be pregnant for a guy whereas the guy would be free as a bird.
Inasmuch as she was not in support of abortion, she could not blame the lady for her decision.
“Why I want her to keep the baby?” Gbenga said to himself while standing and pacing around the room, he turned to face Princess “do you know the number of women who lose their lives during the process of carrying out an abortion?” he sighed, sat back on his seat and continued, “What if something happens to her? I’ve read that most women lose the chances of getting pregnant after that, what if something like that happens? I don’t want to risk it.” he stated.
Princess was not sure of a reply to give so she asked another question to make the situation clearer, “Is she your girlfriend?”
“No!” he snapped, “she’s been my very good friend since we were both in the polytechnic years ago, but at a point we became friends with benefits.”
“Ehn! Do people really do that ish?” Chuks queried out of surprise, his first input into the conversation.
“Well I guess we just heard it from the horses mouth.” Femi added.
Princess sighed, the guy was obviously in love with his friend and he was still oblivious of that fact.
“Have you told her you love her?” she asked.
“What? I never said I love her now,” Gbenga countered.
“Well its obvious, you are bothered about her well-being,” she defended.
“That does not mean I’m in love with her,” he remained adamant, it was not a crime to care about a friend, was it? But now that he thought of it, he did not see anything wrong with marrying Bukky, she was his ideal woman, intelligent, crazy, beautiful, bold and adventurous.
“You are so whipped man,” Femi said while hitting Gbenga hard on the shoulder, “You obviously like her or maybe it has developed into love, why become friends with benefits anyways?”
“You both need to come to an agreement, if you like her let her know, she needs to know Gbenga.” Princess concluded, she was feeling uncomfortable and needed to use the toilet.
She stood up and informed the guys she was leaving, Chuks stood and also bade his goodbyes while leaving Gbenga to ponder on what ever decision he had to make.
Sandra sat on her seat while turning on the air conditioner.
She had to admit M.I and Waje had really done a good job with that song, it was the perfect song to describe her situation with her man.
She had been singing the song ever since, it would probably be her love anthem henceforth. She brought out her phone and dialled Fola’s number.
He picked on the third ring,
“Hello Sweetie,” she smiled.
“Hi,” the response was undeniably cold.
She sensed that something was wrong, she wanted to know what the problem was but was scared to find out.
“Fola how are you?” she asked.
“I’m fine.”
What? He did not even bother to ask her how she was faring? Now something was really wrong and she was going to find out.
“Fola, is everything alright?” she knew the answer was no, but she hoped he would be honest with her and tell her what the problem was.
“Yes, everything is fine.” he replied, what was with the simple, cold and emotion dead replies?
She was almost crying, why could he not tell her what the problem was?
Was love not about sharing? Including sharing your problems and other issues. Why was he giving her the cold treatment as though she was an outsider? Was it because they had not spoken yesterday?
“Did I do something?” she asked.
“No Sandra, you did nothing.” he snapped.
“Then what is it? Is it your mother? Hope she is fine, the surgery, how did it go?” she could not find the words, did his mother die?
“My mother is dead.” he replied.
“What?” she shouted.


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