Meant To Be: Episode Twenty one


“Ore whats the meaning of that?” she asked, why was he desperate to know about everything?
Ore scratched his hair, he did that when he was confused, nervous or when his emotional state was in a turmoil.

Why was she pushing him to this point? If he had his way he would have asked her out a long time ago but for the priorities he had set for himself and her personal decision to be without a boyfriend as well.

Could she not see how much he cared for her? How she was the one he would like to get married to in the near future if fate gave them chance, why was she punishing him by carrying her problems alone?

“Ore answer me now, what is the meaning of that statement? So you’re threatening me to share my problems with you or what?” she questioned.
“I’m sorry, I just lost my cool,” he said while still scratching his hair, “this isn’t you Dami, okay do you realise you forgot one of your earrings?”

She touched her left ear, the earring was intact. She made to touch the other earlobe and discovered he was right.
“And you could not tell me since,” she shouted, she removed the earring and kept it in a safe corner in her bag. Only God knew how many people had been giving her funny looks the whole time.

“How would I tell you, when seventy percent of the time, your mind is far away. Dami please I beg you or do you want me to kneel down.” he threatened.
“Kneel down? Please oh, its just that things are complicated Ore. I wish I could just tell everybody but I don’t know.” she sighed.

“Complicated? Does it have to do with a guy?” he asked, she had mentioned not having a boyfriend which was one of the reasons he hoped something would work between them someday.

“I wish,” she replied while slumping her shoulders and almost dropping her bags in the process.
“You wish? then is it a family thing.”

She was about to say something when he added, “See I respect your private life but sometimes when you talk about things it helps. And I promise to keep it a secret.”

“My family knows nothing about it, okay I’ll tell you but we’ve been standing on this spot for long. Let’s go to the lagoon front and you’ll know all you want to know.”

Ore heaved a sigh of relief, at least they were getting somewhere. He needed her to trust him even if it was just as a friend.
“Thank you, lets go.”

As they walked side by side, Ore kept guessing on what the issue could be, did she have an abortion by chance? Was she being threatened by a cult guy? Did she have a terminal disease?
He told his mind to keep shut, too many nollywood movies were taking their toll on him.

Dami on the other hand felt a little better, maybe Ore would be able to advise her on what to do. And if sharing her burden would really do her good, then she would just take that option and save herself some stress.


“Papa,” that was the only word her lips mouthed on sighting the man who had chased her out for years because of her teenage mistakes.

She had never regretted birthing Victor but she had always regretted destroying the relationship she had shared with her father.

He looked at the only offspring he produced sitting on the bed in his home, was he hallucinating? He had returned to see a female footwear outside the door, he had then wondered why Felicia was home by that time. Was she not suppose to be in her shop? Only to find his daughter in the room.

He dropped his briefcase rather carelessly on the floor and walked up to her.
Omoye watched as her father approached her, what was he going to do? Slap her? hit her? yell at her? She did not know what to make of his facial expression. She was about to go on her knees when she felt strong arms tighten around her, the tears she never knew were hanging had then chosen that moment to flow freely.

He hugged her tightly, Felicia had always suggested he make a move to get his daughter back but his pride had always gotten in the way. He had always convinced himself that she had been wrong and she ought to do the begging, he had held on to the belief that he had done absolutely nothing wrong hence he had nothing to apologise for.

He still hugged her tightly as though if he let go she would disappear from the room, the warm droplets that penetrated his shirt at the shoulder region made him realise she was crying.

Within him, he knew he was also crying just that the tears were not from his eyes but from his heart.

The undeniable truth was they had both been wrong but none of that mattered anymore, all that mattered was they would work on their relationship. He would be a better father and she would be his precious angel, the angel he had always been proud of before things had gone wrong.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw somebody sleeping on the floor, was that his grandson?
He pulled out of the embrace and walked towards the little boy who was asleep, he needed no confirmation.

As far as he knew, the boy sleeping right in front of him had all of his facial features except the nose.

*to be continued*


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