Principle For The Week: A Reader Inspires ==> CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION

Hello amazing people, so the principle for this week was written by a reader, Damilare Goodness.

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This blog is not just about me alone, it’s about us…

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I sat for three different exams recently but the results were not as good as I had expected. My dad noticed how downcast I was,he then encouraged me to change my perception about failure:

“Falling down does not make you a failure, staying down actually does”

“Failing does not mean you’re a failure, it only means you have not YET succeeded.”

“Failure does not mean you have accomplished nothing, it does mean you have learnt SOMETHING”

“Failure does not mean others are better than you, It does mean you
have not gotten to the peak, because when you get there,you become the BEST”

“Failure does not mean you do not have it, it does mean you have to do something in a DIFFERENT way”

“Failure does not mean you will never make it in life, it does mean it will take a LITTLE longer.”

“It is nobler to try SOMETHING and fail than to try NOTHING and succeed”

“No success can ever be gotten without an act of STRONG decision”

“When failure sets in, only your love for that particular thing keeps you going”

“You don’t have to discipline only your brain to succeed,you need to
take charge of your FLESH, APPETITE, PASSION and MIND.”


“It does not mean God has abandoned you;It does mean God has a BETTER WAY.”

“Never look down on yourself or anyone” he concluded.

Pastor Sam once wrote, “to change your SITUATION, change your IMAGINATIONS”

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Have a lovely week ahead.


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