Meant To Be: Episode Twenty three


Femi left his cousin in the sitting room after their visitors had left, the guy seriously needed some time off.

He found it funny and sad at the same time, who would have thought that Gbenga could be sober? The guy had always had craziness flowing in his veins and all of a sudden was reflecting on his life because of a woman.

Women really had power, he found it sad because Gbenga had confided in him after Chuks and Princess left that another reason he did not want Bukky to have an abortion was for his unborn child.
He had lost both parents at a tender age and now life had presented him the opportunity to be a father, why would he then choose the option to kill his first child?

He had felt pity for Gbenga at that point, even though his cousin acted annoying most times. He had seen a soft part of Gbenga, he really wished to meet this Bukky and beg her to keep the baby.
But as much as he wished he could help, he resigned to the fact that life was about choices. They had both made a choice when they decided to be friends with benefits and a choice when they had unprotected s.ex.

If she decided to carry out the abortion, it would equally be a product of her choice. He just hoped she made the right choice and hoped Gbenga would really see that he was in love.


He got to the sitting room to meet a smiling Gbenga staring at his phone.
Only God knew what had influenced the change in his mood so fast.

He chose to ignore him and settled on his chair while reading an inspirational book which centered on business.

Ocassionally he looked at Gbenga and still caught him smiling, it would have been a whole lot better if his cousin was smiling and making annoying noises.

But it was more annoying considering the fact that he said nothing and the silly smile refused to leave his face.

He dropped the book and asked, “Gbenga, se ko si?” (Gbenga, I hope all is well?)
Gbenga dropped his phone and smiled at Femi who was oviously disgusted at the silly display of teeth flashed at his direction.

“There is something I’m reading online,” he replied.
“Ehen?” Femi scoffed, “kini iyen wa ko wa?” (And what does that teach us?)
“Ko le yie eh,” (You can’t understand) Gbenga replied while staring at his phone screen one more time.

“From today I cease to be termed a player.” he declared.
Femi shook his head, what was with all this drama?
“You no well;” he replied and continued to read his book.

“Femi you can’t understand, how can I make you see?” Gbenga said.
“Guy, you dey disturb me. Face your phone and leave me alone, since you no wan talk. Free me!” Femi snapped.

“No vex, its just that I love this feeling. Your tomboy friend was right.” Gbenga sighed.

“I am in love.”


Dami walked with Ore while he held her hands, anyone that saw them would mistake them for a couple.

They were at the lagoon front already but she was scanning the area for a good seating position.
By her left she saw a vacant seat but ignored it, the ants around that area were an eyesore.

They proceeded towards the front when she heard someone call her,
“Hello girlfriend,”

How on earth did Evelyn get to the lagoon front? What was she doing here, was this an hallucination or would it qualify as the world’s biggest coincidence.

Evelyn quickly walked up to her and gave her a peck with her face contorting to produce the ugly smile it was known for.


“Hello girlfriend,” he looked at the fierce but pretty lady standing in front of them. Why did she pocket her hands as if she was in a challenge?

Since she called Dami girlfriend, he assumed they knew each other. Funny how girls gave each other silly pet names.

He waved at the girl and mouthed a ‘hi’ but felt his ego crumble when she ignored him and gave Dami a peck on the lips.

Now who the hell did she think she was? And why was Dami keeping quite as if her mouth had lost its speaking ability?

He held on to Dami’s hand firmly while using the other hand to draw her closely to himself, they ended up facing each other. From the corner of his eyes he could see an expression of disgust and anger on the lady’s face.

Who was he kidding? He was angrier than she was,
“Dami, do you know her?” he whispered, it would be best they faced the reason they were on this weird date of theirs rather than be disturbed by a snobbish pyscho.


The pounding of her head made her feel like crashing to the floor without any interruption, she released her right hand from Ore’s left hand grip and held her head.

The pounding was increasing magically, she had heard Ore’s question and wish there was an easier way to make things simpler.

She held her head and was about to tell Ore to help her sit down when she heard,

“She is my girlfriend, you got a problem with that?”
Evelyn? She tried to shout but her mouth failed her again, the last thing she saw was Ore’s face gradually transiting to a shade of black and voices fading in the background.

*to be continued*


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