Meant To Be: Episode Twenty four cont.


She had been sitting outside for a while now, why was his phone number not reacheable? She found it strange that the spare key she had with her was missing.

Was he not suppose to be expecting her? Could he have really travelled? She tried to shake off the feeling of trepidation that coursed all over her.

“Mummy, where is Papa?” Victor asked.
“He is coming,” she replied and smiled, he had to be coming, she convinced herself. There was no way he would put her through this series of pain again, she had informed Victor that Osagie was home and now he was nowhere to be found.

She dialled his number again and sighed, what on earth could be wrong? She had scattered the items in her handbag just to find the key.

If Osagie hurt again, she would never forgive him no matter how hard he begged.


They were almost approaching Islesway, he laughed as he thought of her action.
She was actually coming this way and had refused his offer.

They had started off on a weird note, she seemed to have withdrawn in her shell. He was yet to understand her, when she was with her brother, she acted bold and daring.

And now she was acting totally opposite like she was intimidated by him, he had then teased her about it and that had done the magic. She was suddenly back to the tomboy he had initially met.

They had kept talking on various issues and like the trip to the gym, the distance to Islesway had seemed quite short. She had even gone along asking him questions which he had replied while he asked few questions himself.

They were almost approaching the bookshop when his phone rang, he excused himself and picked up.

“Hey Dare, whats up now?”
“He’s at my place,”
“Okay, I’ll inform him.”
“Take care.”

He hung up and continued the discussion which had been interrupted by the phone call.
“So, I’ll see you later now.” he informed when they got to the bookshop.

“Yeah, thanks.” Princess replied, she was thanking him because strangely she had actually enjoyed his company.
“No, I should be thanking you. See how the sun has darkened my black skin the more.” he laughed.
“I’m sorry, its vitamin Q, good for your body.” she teased.

“Indeed, alright don’t let me delay you. I’ll see you around,”
She smiled and waved while proceeding to the garage.
Femi on the other hand brought out his phone and dialled Gbenga’s number, the number was unavailable. Dare had called earlier asking him to remind Gbenga about their parent’s remembrance the next day.
He prayed he would still meet Gbenga at home, not that he expected him to forget an important matter like that.

If he would see Gbenga at home, it meant he had to be quick with what he had come to buy.


The queue was gradually beginning to move, she had been standing for almost ten minutes all in a bid to board the BRT. When it got to her turn, she was fortunate to find a vacant seat close to the window.

Situations like this demanded cool music that would do the magic of calming her nerves, the bad part of it was that she was not with her earpiece. She made up her mind to control herself this time around, she had nearly lost it when she boarded the campus shuttle from UNILAG.

A tear drop fell from her eyes as she asked herself series of unanswered questions. What was her problem? Was she mentally disturbed? Why was she allowing the quest for revenge fuel her actions this way?

Seeing Dami slump with her own eyes had made her realise the beast that she was, that she was wicked.
Dami had once been a good friend, what wrong had the girl done to her?

If she was to hurt anyone, it certainly ought to be Tinu. What had she gotten herself into? The woman sitting beside her gave her a weird look while shaking her head out of pity, that was when she realised she had her two hands placed on her head and the tears flowing from her face made her look terrible.

She dropped her arms and tried to clean her face, what if something serious happened to Dami? It had to be just something minor, else she was doomed.

Would Dami report her to her parents this time around? Or would the police be involved?
She ignored the possibility, if they involved the police there was no much problem on that side as long as the police officer still danced to the tunes of corruption.

But if it happened to be a good policeman then she was in deep shiit. Maybe returning to Ghana would be the best solution, school was yet to resume but she could hang around till resumption.

The feeling of defeat that she felt made her feel like slapping herself, Tinu had made her feel like a fool. She wanted to make her pay back.
She cautioned herself and muttered to herself, “No more revenge Eve, no more.” If seeing someone faint as a result of her actions was driving her crazy, she feared what worse situations would do to her.

But as much as she tried to push down the thought of revenge, it simply came back knocking at various intervals.

She knew she was drowning in the pool of revenge and needed help fast.


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