Meant To Be: Episode Twenty four


He looked at the lady sitting beside him, what on earth could be wrong with her?
She had been unconsciouly drumming her fingers against any surface ever since she boarded the bus.

They were almost approaching Jibowu, he would get down soon and would not be able to help her in any way.
He wanted to talk to her and ask what the problem was but changed his mind when she stomped her feet angrily thereby drawing the attention of other passengers, he had then kept quiet.

He had experienced similar cases from girls at school, girls who appeared calm and cool and when one simply approached them for an entirely innocent motive. They twisted the whole situation insulting you on the fact that you came to woo them.

“Under bridge wa oh,” he and a few other passengers announced to the driver who parked his bus giving them the opportunity to alight.

He got down and cast a pity glance in her direction, he really prayed she would be able to handle whatever she was facing at the moment.


She came out of their flat and descended the staircase, what was with Chuks suddenly becoming moody? It was a weird occurence, the Chuks she knew was always in a good mood, was it because of his lack of a job?

She pondered on the reason that could explain why he was acting sober, it had to be the job. Femi and Gbenga should be his age-mates and they were living on their own with their jobs while her brother was still fending off his parents.

She felt his pain, she would get him something on her way back at least to cheer him up, she was almost approaching the gate when she heard the blaring sound of a car horn.

She turned to see Femi in his car, she was able to spot him easily since his windscreen was not tinted. She waved and made to continue her journey when he horned again.

She turned this time to see him coming out of the car,
“Where are you off to?” he asked, “I could give you a ride.”
“Thanks but no,” she replied. What made him think she would accept his offer? She had better things to do than sit with a guy she barely knew in his car.

“I just want to help,” he emphasised, “there’s a book I want to get from a bookshop along Islesway.”
That was where she was going to board a bus and the distance was quite a long one. She would rather board a bike or trek the distance instead.

“I’m serious, thanks.” she replied him.
“Okay, I don’t know where you are going to but my instincts tell me you are heading towards my direction.” he said while turning the car off and locking it.

Now what was he doing? She was yet to get his point.
“I’ll walk with you until we split ways,” he said and shrugged.
What? Now this guy was crazy. She replied him a simple okay and both of them left together, she could not take a bike since he had spoilt her plan.

She was stuck with him and she was paying by trekking.


“Iya Bobo,” she called while knocking on her neighbour’s door.
“Ehn?” Iya Bobo shouted in surprise on sighting Omoye, she turned around and gave a funny dance, “Na wa!” she exclaimed.

Omoye could not help the smile that broke out from her face.
“How you dey now?” she greeted.
“Body tanda oh, where you come go since now?” Iya Bobo asked, “Baba Victor don dey find you tey tey oooo,” she explained further.

“I know, I know. Wo! The matter just get as he be jare but everything don dey okay sha,” Omoye responded, she was trying as much as possible not to spill the issue she had with Osagie.

She had no trust for anybody particularly housewives who were at alert to grab the latest happenings around them, if Iya Bobo kept probing further she might lose her guard and spill. Something she seriously wanted to avoid.

“See as your face just dey shine,” Iya Bobo said to her while touching her face playfully, Omoye smiled. If she was looking radiant as the woman claimed then it had to do with the feeling of happiness and contentment that coursed through her being.

“You shaa go enjoy for where you go, na you oh.” Iya Bobo continued.
Omoye just gave a healthy laugh and covered her face out of embarassment.

“Iya Bobo he don do, hian!”
“Oyaa, I don stop. But where you go? You bring something for us shaa?”
“That wan go be matter for another time now,” Omoye pleaded with her face breaking into a smile, what was with the frequent smilings anyway? She just could not help it as they continually plastered on her face each moment.

“The thing way bring me here na Baba Victor oh,” she explained to Iya Bobo who was listening with rapt attention.
“Ehen? Wetin do am?” she enquired.

“Nothing oh, just say he no dey house. Which time you see am last.”
Iya Bobo mentally shook her head, why was it that they were always coming to ask her questions like this, she seriously needed to start working.

“I no see am, but he get the time way I dey inside I hear as Bobo dey greet am bye-bye.”
“Today?” Omoye asked.
“Yes oh,” she affirmed, “He fit be say him dey travel sef.” she suggested.

“Ehn? Travel ke?”

*to be continued*


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