Meant To Be: Episode Twenty three cont.


She tidied her desk, she had ensured that she did all that had to be done at work . Taking an excuse to be absent from the office had been quite easy, who ever said having connections was unnecessary?

She had sent her uncle an email, the man who was currently out of the country and had replied almost immediately while granting her few days off.

She stood with arms akimbo while giving her desk a proper scrutiny, she could hand over her work to another colleague as her uncle had suggested but she did not want to be a burden on anyone.

She sat on her office chair while leaning back on it, she was exhausted and the pains she felt in her back region was not really helping matters.

She took out her phone and looked at it, she wondered why Fola was delaying in replying the text. She had about twenty minutes more to spend at work judging from the little she still had to do.

Her plan was to go home and pack for the trip, take a flight to Benin the next day and then charter a cab that would take her to Fola’s home. She had never been to Edo state and did not know what to expect from the trip, all she knew was that it would be worth it.

She was going to see her love afterall.


“Where is it?” she paused while standing from her bed.
“Okay, I’ll get it.” She was approaching her parents bedroom already.
“Yes, he… I can’t hear you. The line is breaking.” she paused.

“Okay, I get you now. He is around, Okay.bye.” she hung up and went into her parent’s room, her mother had called informing her to help her bring a bag which she forgot that morning.
She looked at the picture frames of her parents that seemed to occupy every inch of the room.

Her parents were an adorable couple, that was a fact she could attest to anyday anytime, she hoped Chuks would be happy like them.

She picked the tote which she came for and exited the room. She was already dressed, the ripped jeans she was wearing was not appealing to her but she discarded the idea of spending time to change.

Who gave a hoot about how she was dressed?
“Chuks, mum asked me to come bring something for her at the hospital. Let’s go together now.” she said to Chuks who had been sitting on the chair for God knows how long.

“Please go alone, I’ll be fine.”
She hissed, “who said you wouldn’t be fine? We’ve been holed up here all day. Use this as a chance to go out and you are speaking english.”

Chuks looked at his kid sister who did not realise she was pouting and looking like the girl she truly was, her face was a complete opposite of her clothes. What was with the jeans anyway?

“Princess, seriously I just want to sit, maybe next time.” he explained.
“So you don’t want to follow me abi? No problem, your turn will come. I’ll pay you back in your own coin.” she stormed out of the house and frowned at him again.

Chuks smiled, on a normal day he would have followed her. But today was not what he would describe as normal. Truth was he had not seen a normal day in years but Gbenga’s story had brought back strong memories.

Going to the hospital today of all days would simply be asking for more trouble.

The hospital held ninety-five percent of the memories.


He had been quick to catch her before she landed on the floor, he was confused as he shook her unconscious body. He had never witnessed somebody faint before and he had no idea on what to do.

He had then resorted to shouting for help, in barely ten seconds a small crowd had gathered around the body.

“You guys help out now,” he shouted, why were they all staring without doing anything. He saw a girl taking snapshots of Dami, what kind of people were they?

He quickly took out a notebook from his bag and started fanning Dami, at least he had seen people do that in movies.
“Hey, you guys spread out. Get out from here.” he looked at the security man who had just arrived and was yelling at the camera girl.

“Make una give the girl space,” he ordered the students who were proving stubborn, he sighted another book from Ore’s bag which was scattered on the floor and joined in fanning Dami.
“Who get water?” he shouted while still hovering over Dami, a lady in the crowd passed him a bottle of water which he poured on Dami.

That did the magic as her eyelids fluttered open, Ore heaved a sigh of relief. He had no idea if they had gone about reviving her in the right way.

All that mattered was that she was fine, she tried to get up clumsily while he held her back. There was no way in the world he would allow her stand up in this condition.

The man gave Dami the remaining water which she drank, her eyes were sunken already and Ore was scared that she could pass out again.

He thanked the man who offered to get a cab that could transport them to her hostel. The onlookers had begun to disperse to wherever they originated from, the show was obviously over.

Ore looked around while still holding Dami, he realised that the person his eyes was searching for was nowhere to be found.


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