Meant To Be:Episode Twenty Five


He sat and stared at the ceiling, Gbenga had eventually left yesterday. At least the guy remembered his parents remembrance.
He felt bad for his cousins as he recalled the events that had shaken the entire family years ago.

He had been quite young but over the years he had gotten to know what had really happened.
His uncle Mr Dayo Oladele was his father’s younger brother and had been quite rich, both men had been so close and inseparable.

Three years after Dare the last child of his uncle was born, his uncle and his wife had went for a business meeting after keeping their three children Nifemi, Gbenga and Dare in his mother’s care.

That was the last time anyone ever spoke to them, the husband had died on the spot instantly after a head-on collision with a truck. The wife had been rushed to the hospital and had been in a coma for days before eventually giving up the ghost.

The event had broken Femi’s father, Femi’s grandfather who was alive then had put the three children in Mr Kunle’s custody.
His grandfather had also sold off Dayo’s properties and bank accounts had been opened to cater for the kid’s education and needs.

He praised his mother, how the woman had trained seven children still baffled him.
Whenever he joked and teased her about it, she would simply claim that she loved children, one of the reasons she was a teacher.

He now understood why Gbenga was eager to be a father, if only Bukky would do him that favour.
The guy had experienced life as a child without parents and he wanted to offer the opportunity to his unborn child.

He dialled Nifemi’s number, he had not spoken to her in ages. She was three years older that he and Gbenga and was already married with kids.

“Hello,” he said.
“Femi, my namesake bawo?” (Whats up?)
“Mo wa oh, mo ni kin kie ni oh,” (I’m good, I just said I should greet you)

“Thanks dear, hope everything is good?”
“Yes, today is our parent’s remembrance, may the keep resting in the bosom of the Lord.” he prayed.
“Amen, thank you Femi.” she replied and sighed, “and may God preserve Maami and Baba for us.”

“Amen,” his cousins called his parents their parents, it was pretty obvious that his parents had not failed in performing the duties they had to perform.
They had treated them equally, no preferential treatment to any of them. He continued the conversation for about three minutes and hung up.

The day was already far spent, he ought to have gone to the gym today. Why did Chuks and Princess not show up?

He was thinking on how he would spend his day, when he remembered he was yet to call Dami.
He gave himself a mental knock, so much for being an elder brother, what had he been doing?

He dialled her number, at least he would do it now rather than postpone it again.


She kicked the bucket that stood in her way out of anger, Fola really deserved an award for scattering her plans. She had been kicking and hitting objects the entire morning, and he had disappointed by not replying her text.

His phone had been switched off ever since, she had missed the flight she had booked that morning.
She just did not get it, she tried to convince herself positively but it made no sense to her.

His strange behaviour in Lagos before he travelled and the cold attitude she had noticed. Was he doing this on purpose? Did he want to break up with her? After they had come this far?

He obviously had no idea how many men she had turned down because she loved him.
She cautioned herself, she was not suppose to think in that direction.
But not knowing what the problem was killing her, she stood up and walked to her kitchen while getting a glass of cold pineapple juice.

She sat on her bed and sipped the juice, it calmed her nerves in a way.
She picked the remote lying beside her pillow and switched on the television.
She had no idea what the name of the soap opera being shown was but it caught her attention.

She watched with tears in her eyes as the lead actor and actress kissed each other hungrily, why did they have to show this scenes in movies? She kept on sobbing, then something happened.

Another woman appeared in the background and watched the kissing couple, they eventually noticed her presence and she suspected that the guy was a player.

But to her amazement, the intruder pointed at the other lady and said, “Lindy, you’ve been cheating on me with a guy? I thought we were meant to be together.” she cried and ran out.

Sandra got irritated and switched off the television, what was it with this Hollywood and their lesbian love stories. She doubted if such things happened in Nigeria.

But the storyline refused to disappear from her head, what if Fola was like the other lady? Was he cheating on her?

Could he be cheating on her with a man? She contorted her face in disgust as she thought of it.

This was why she hated movies, they gave her creepy ideas.
She took out her phone and dialled his number again.

Alas it was ringing.

*to be continued*


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