Meant To Be: Episode Twenty Five cont.


He had not been able to sleep well the previous night, the events that occurred kept replaying in his dreams.
He had taken Dami to her hostel and had spoken to her on the phone several times after, he wished he could visit her in her room but for the school policy which forbade guys from entering female hostels.

He was still very much confused about everything, what did that girl mean by claiming that Dami was her girlfriend? And why did Dami faint on seeing her?
If Dami had probably challenged the girl, he would not be as confused as he was. But she had been quiet and had simply reacted by passing out.

To worsen matters, the weird girl had equally disappeared. If Dami was her girlfriend, it meant that she was a lesbian, he feared as he thought of the possibility.
Could that be the reason his friends claimed he was in the friendzone? He wished he could hear what Dami had to say but because she was still weak and resting in her room.

Was that what she had wanted to tell him before? Was she planning to inform him that she was a lesbian?

The unaswered questions kept piling up in his mind without any solution popping out.

Was the girl that left him breathless into girls?


Dami ended the call and stared at her phone screen, if she had the chance to come back into this world. She would never make the mistake of picking Evelyn as a friend.

The girl had put her through hell on earth, how could one person be so problematic?
She still felt bad that she had kept back some information from her brother.

It was strange that Femi called her, he was the last person she was expecting to call at that point.
Her classmates and other students she had never met had been bombarding her phone with their calls and texts wishing her speedy recovery.

While speaking to her elder brother, she had assured him that all was fine with her. Why did he call at this point in time? Was he aware about how she fainted in school? The news had spread fast on bbm and tweets had done justice in increasing the flame.
How they managed to get her picture was a mystery, why would anyone take photographs of someone who was unconscious?

What if brother Femi knew and had simply called to confirm, he would probably inform their parents or aunty Titi. If he did that, she was in trouble.
It would be way better if she informed them herself or was he stylishly giving her the opportunity to redeem herself by telling the truth?

The thoughts of explaining to either her mother and her father however scared the shiit out of her, her first priority would be to explain to Ore.

She could not figure out what Ore would be thinking, he was the only true friend she had met in a long time.
Even the period she thought she had a best friend in Evelyn, she had been proved wrong.

What if Ore changed his attitude towards her? He probably thought bad of her already. So many times she had informed him that she needed no guy in her life on the claims that her books were her topmost priority.

What if he began to think she was actually a lesbian? She should have told him earlier, if she had probably informed him the situation of things would probably be better.

She had simply complicated issues by not appreciating the concern he had shown her, she secretly prayed she would not lose him


She tossed around the bed and snuggled happily under the sheets.
Who would have thought yesterday would end on a happy note?

Osagie had eventually showed up explaining that he went to the market to buy foodstuffs.
He had prepared lunch and the evening had turned out fine.
It had exactly ended up as she anticipated, only that they were yet to get to the part that involved talking about what had happened.

They would get to talk later today as soon as she had fully settled down, Osagie had gone to use the bathroom located at the backyard and she could not wait for him to return.

When she had seen him yesterday, she realised how she had missed everything about him, from his smell to his voice, to the way his eyes never left her face when they spoke to each other, his kisses and his hands that knew the appropriate manner of administering their touch.

She smiled as she recalled the events of yesterday, she turned towards the sound of Osagie’s phone ringing on the table.
She ignored the phone and snuggled more under the sheets.
The phone rang the second time again, she had no business with his call. But she had no idea who the caller was, she wrapped the sheets around her body and walked towards the table.

On picking the phone the call had ended, she dropped the phone and was about to return to the bed when it began to ring again.
She saw the caller id, who was Sandra?

A friend or a business colleague? The person was calling repeatedly and Osagie was yet to return from the bathroom.

She decided she would just pick the call and ask the caller to call back later.

That was the only sensible thing she thought of at that time.


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