Meant To Be: Episode Twenty Six


*come to amphitheatre, I’ll be there in 5mins.
He closed the text and picked his wallet, he had been in touch with her but had intentionally avoided bringing up the issue. He was glad she was making the move herself.

“Where to?” he faced his roommate who was fanning himself with a sports newspaper,
“I’ll be back soon,” Ore replied.

“Obviously we know you’ll be back soon, the question is where are you off to?” Bashiru one of his coursemates who was not a legal occupant of the room but had been squatting with them ever since they moved in stated.

“I’m going somewhere, make una free me now, besides I don’t have much time.” he said and made to leave the room when the door opened.

Yemi, Uzor and Coded entered the room, he greeted them hastily and left the room. He did not have the luxury to sit and listen to another series of lecture of how he was acting crazy for a girl who friendzoned him.

Even though he knew things were not as he would have loved. He feared what the outcome of his meeting with Dami would be, he would rather prefer that she friendzoned him instead of her admitting to be gay.

“Wetin dey do am?” he overheard Coded asking his roomates.
He did not hear the reply provided but he heard their laughter.
Obviously they had resorted to making mockery of him, what else did he expect from them?


Sitting in his apartment all day was tiring, he saw a handbill someone had given to him the previous day on the table.
He picked it and read it again, attending the relationship seminar was not a bad idea, was it?

First it had been Bimpe, the girl who had made him appear like a weakling and then when he had summoned courage to move on by approaching Sandra, he had failed again since she was taken.

He thought about Princess, personally he saw nothing wrong with dating a girl from another tribe. He just did not understand why people still took inter-tribal marriages as a big deal, but the fear of being rejected was the stumbling block on his way.

He took the handbill and walked out of his flat, after ascending the stairs he realised he did not know his neighbours flat. The two different doors confused him, what if he knocked on a particular door and somebody else replied him?

He decided to knock the door by his right, after knocking for about three consecutive times without getting any response.
He turned towards the other door and knocked, he raised his hands to knock the second time when he saw the door bell.

He pressed it and almost rather quickly the door opened revealing Chuks with a sleepy look on his face.
He sighed, happy that the occupants of the previous flat were not around or had chosen not to answer him.

“Sorry Chuks, seems I woke you up.” he smiled at Chuks.
Chuks shook his head and opened the door giving him the chance to come inside.

“So you’re apologising but you’re smiling at the same time.” he laughed while pointing at the spot where Femi would keep his footwear, “na wa oh, but you didn’t wake me up. I was awake already.” he concluded.

“I was smiling because I knocked on the other door outside.” Femi replied while following Chuks lead.
“Oh, the people who stay there are not around. Infact they are not really based in Nigeria, the man and his wife just use that flat when they come to Nigeria which is once in a blue moon.” Chuks explained.

Femi sat on the couch and admired the sitting room, he smiled at Chuks who simply nodded obviously getting his message.
“So this one you came here today?” Chuks asked while leaving the sitting room.

“I wanted to invite you and your sister for a programme.” Femi replied.
“Your church?”
“No, someone gave me this flier yesterday and I just felt like going. Its not a church stuff anyway, its a seminar on relationships.”

Princess walked in at that point wearing knee-length shorts and a sweat shirt.
“Relationship seminar?” she questioned while sitting and waving at Femi.

“Yes, lets all go now.” Femi suggested.
“I’m not going jawe, got no business with relationships.” Chuks who had returned to the room replied.

“I’m not going too,” Princess chipped in.
“Haba now! So you both are going to stay indoors all day, oya lets go see a movie.” Femi pressed on, he was really bored and needed a break.

“That’s not bad.” Princess spoke with enthusiasm.
“Because you have the money?” Chuks reprimanded, “thanks Femi but we are good.”
“You guys chill, the bill is on me. Lets just go out.”

“No, don’t bother” Princess replied quickly, she did not want a guy feeling fly simply because he payed for her movie tickets.

“See this one. Thanks Femi, make I dress, we’ll go together.” Chuks stuck his tongue at Princess.
Princess who was not finding it funny wore a frown, she was bored and wanted to go out too.

But would it be wise accepting the silent signals she thought she was getting from Femi? Or was she imagining things?

*to be continued*

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