Meant To Be: Episode Twenty Six continued


She dried her tears with the handkerchief he had given her, ever since she started explaining everything to him, the tears had refused to stop flowing. She looked at Ore and suddenly wish he would say something to her.

Anything at all, he had not spoken a word since she began to narrate her ordeal, no word of encouragement, chastisement, nothing.

To make matters worse, his expression was blank. She could not even fathom what was going through his mind. The only form of communication she had gotten from him was the handkerchief he had given her to wipe her face.

“Please say something now.” she pleaded, it would be better if he said harsh things to her rather than him keeping quiet and acting like she had not just narrated all she had been through in the past couple of days and most of her teenage life.

She stood and walked away from him, he probably thought bad of her already. She had no idea where she was going to but she just felt that urge to walk away from him.

Looking into his expressionless face without having a clue as to what he thought about her was killing. Although she felt a whole lot better that she had been able to talk to him about it.

She was almost approaching the sports centre, she tried to resist the temptation of turning back to see him possibly running after her, telling her everything would be alright.

She gave herself a mental slap, they were not dating so why would he bother running after her? And she was the one who chose to walk away, not like he chased her. She secretly prayed he was following her behind.

She felt a thump in her head, Oh no! Not again, why would her head decide to start again? She placed her left hand on her head and felt her knees going weak, the people and cars in front of her suddenly had duplicates.

The pain she felt in her head increased again, this time it was as if someone was using a hammer to hit her head and someone else was pricking it with a sharp nail.

She screamed out loud and the last she remembered was her being enveloped by masculine arms.
If the owner of these arms was who she thought it to be, she really would not mind fainting multiple times just so he would not let her be alone.

She realised she had a best friend all along but had been too silly to realise it.
“Thank you,” the words she said in her subconscious, sadly he could not hear her.


She stood and paced around her room, she just did not understand what was going on. Who was the lady that picked? And why did she
ask her who Fola was.

She had expected to speak to Fola but had been shocked when the lady picked the call.
Apparently she had Fola’s phone with her.

Her phone had then tripped from her hands and the call had automatically ended. Picking the parts that were scattered around, her mind had gone through different journeys thinking about the days she had spent with Fola.

She in Fola’s arms, cuddling next to him, telling him how her day went and discussing important to less important matters. That was when it occured to her that she did more of the talking, she knew little about his family, the only family member she knew about was his sick mother. A woman she had never even met in person.

She thought of the distressing phone call, minutes before she spoke to the lady that picked the call, she had been excited that Fola’s phone was ringing. But now her joy had been cut short by the worries that were forming a queue in her troubled heart.

Things just did not seem right, how could someone else pick his call? If it were a family member, the person ought to know Fola’s name, right? She tried to convince herself.

Did he misplace his phone? How would she even find out what the problem was? It was not as if she had the contact of any of his family members, so there was no way she could know exactly what the problem was.

She had made up her mind to call him back after re-assembling her phone but had stopped when she remembered the soap opera she had seen the day before.

Could it be that Fola was cheating on her? Who was the woman that picked the call when she called?
If it was a family person, she was not suppose to ask her who Fola was?

It probably meant that Fola was not really what she thought he was, she had slept off in a bid to think things through and now that she was awake, she suddenly discovered she was scared to call Fola again and know what the problem really was.

What if she discovered something that she did not want to know?
She shrieked as the thought of heartbreak came knocking on the delicate door of her heart.

She stopped in her tracks as she nearly bumped into someone.
“Uhn?” she looked up in surprise at the unexpected visitor.
How come she did not realise she had a visitor all along?

She wondered how long the person had spent in watching and analysing her.

And how on earth could he be in the same room with her?
It seemed the day sure had a lot of surprises in stock for her.


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