Meant To Be: Episode Twenty Seven


“Mummy, I’m hungry.” Victor pulled at his mother’s arm in a bid to drive his point across.

“Ooh!” Omoye replied and stood from the bed, she had totally forgotten about lunch, Victor had been out playing with Bobo outside the compund and the discussion she had with Osagie had kept her mind engaged.

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.” Osagie replied and led Victor out of the room. She replied him with a simple nod of the head and sat back on the bed.

The only feeling she could describe going through her mind was that of confusion.
She was confused because she did not know if she was supposed to be happy that Osagie had done what he did out of love for her and her son.

As she thought of the poor lady who had been at the losing end, all she felt was sadness.
All what her mother had spoken to her about fighting for her man suddenly made no sense.

If Osagie had done nothing wrong and the lady had been the intruder bent on taking her man, it would have been a good reason to fight for her man. But this time her man was the one who had messed up, and he had messed up really bad.

‘But he loves you and he’s repentant,’ her mind whispered to her.
“I know, I know,” she spoke aloud in a bid to counter her subconscious opinion. She had no doubts about Osagie’s love for her.

She just felt pity for the poor Sandra and from the way Osagie had described her, the lady’s father was a politician and she had an uncle who was quite wealthy too.

Osagie had decided to apologise to the lady and officially break up with her, Omoye had however suggested that he return the money he had gotten from her. She was albeit worried that the lady might hand Osagie over to the police or thugs.

What would she do if things got to that point? From experience she knew that the fury of a black woman with a broken heart was not something to be toyed with, especially when the woman had power and money.

“Uhn!” she nearly jumped out of fear as she felt a touch on her shoulder, “you scared me.”
“I’m sorry.” he replied.

Looking at his face made her realise how much he was truly sorry. The sad expression he wore made her just want to hug him and tell him everything would be fine, but the problem was she did not have the confidence that it would be fine.

“Victor?” how come her voice sounded like a whisper, she coughed, “What did you get him to eat?”
“I bought rice and he is eating it outside.” he held her face in his palms, “Omo I’m truly sorry for the pain I’m putting you through.”

“I just wish this was a dream I could wake up from, I’m just tired of seeing you go through pains because of me. I’ll work and make things right.” he promised.

“Its okay,” she replied, but within her she really doubted if it was okay. “Has she called back?” she asked.

“Who? Sandra?”
“She hasn’t, I don’t even have the confidence to call her.”
Omoye sighed and hugged him, “It’s going to be fine, we’ll scale through this.” Even though she did not believe all she said, it still made her feel better.

All she wished for was that things would return to normal as soon as possible.


“Look at her,” he said and nudged her with his shoulder, “I thought you were not interested in going out and now you’ve been beaming with smiles ever since.”

She pouted at him and smiled, “I enjoyed myself now, I wonder what’s keeping Femi so long.” she said and looked at Femi who was using the ATM already.

“Are you beginning to miss him so quick?” Chuks asked with a mischievious glint in his eyes.
“What?” she hit him on his back and rubbed her palm while squeezing her face.

“How come you’re so muscular sef?” she hissed, “Why would I miss him by the way? I’m just curious about why he is taking long, that’s all.” she concluded while rolling her eyes.

“Na you know oh,” Chuks said
“Hey guys, sorry I kept you waiting. This ATM wahala is just not funny, let’s go,” Femi who had approached them said to the siblings who were still engrossed in their discussion.

“Alright.” Chuks replied and held Princess by the hand while they exited the building.
“Uhm Femi,” Princess faced him, “thanks for today, I had fun.”

“Its nothing, I had fun too. I’m even grateful you accepted to come. It would have been weird if it was just Chuks and me.”

“You guys continue talking oh as if I’m not here.” Chuks snapped, “so I’m boring abi?”
“You didn’t know,” Princess teased, “how come all those girls that you deceive never mentioned it to you.”

She and Femi laughed at Chuks who simply adjusted the collar of his t-shirt and brought out two pieces of paper from his pocket.
“See,” he said while showing them the papers, “despite me being boring, the number of girls flirting with me daily increases.”

Princess shook her head, she could not for the life of her understand why a girl would give her phone number to a stranger.
They had approached Femi’s car when he asked her a question that shocked her.

He had requested for her phone number and all she could say was “Uhn?”

*to be continued*


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