Hello Everyone,

Good day, hope your week was splendid.
I’m really sorry for just taking a break without prior notice.

School was demanding, I had exams and even though I updated my blog once in a while, It was rather inconsistent.

My exams ended last week friday but through out this week I had writer’s block.

I’m really sorry for the delays, even though the updates are suppose to be on tuesdays and saturdays, do bear with me.

There may be inconsistencies for a while but it would get better.

And please when I see your comments, it encourages me. Thank God for Dorcas who dropped a comment this morning. God bless you.

Its funny when I meet people on the road and they are like ‘Steph, when are you going to update your blog?’ But I’ve never seen their comments.

Please drop your comments, they go a long way.

Happy Valentine in arrears.



7 thoughts on “MY APOLOGIES

  1. Am too lazy to comment…but have tried all my best to type”u are one of d best writer have ever seen” nice keep it up am loving it…it seems am nt lazy any мσяє to type


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