Meant To Be: Episode Twenty Seven cont.


“What is your relationship with the patient?” the doctor queried.
“She’s my friend.” Ore replied.
“Do you have the contact of any of her family members?”

“No, but I’ll check her phone.” He unlocked Dami’s phone and suddenly stopped while looking at the doctor, “Doctor, please is it serious? Why do we need to bring her family into this?” he questioned, was she not supposed to be receiving treatment for fainting? Why was the doctor keen on contacting her family?

“Young man,” The doctor replied while removing her glasses, Ore observed her facial features. She looked like a lady in her late twenties, although the glasses had given her a more mature look initially. She probably was a new doctor who had just graduated from medical school. “Are you done checking me out?” she asked with the frame of her glasses between her teeth.

“I’m sorry.” he apologised, she reminded him of his elder sister with her confusing facial expressions, one minute she looked playful and jovial and in a split second she was looking all serious.

Was it possible to beg her not to contact Dami’s family? They knew nothing about it except her brother.

“Ooh!” he exclaimed on realisation that her brother was aware.
“What?” the doctor shouted, “see, I have a lot of things to do. You need to provide the contact of any of her family members with the receptionist. I’m tired of your antics.” she said and wore her glasses while walking away from him. She had barely taken five steps from him when she turned and smiled, “Please make it fast.”

He shook his head while murmuring and taking a seat in the waiting room. He scrolled through the list of her contacts, he had no problem thinking about whose contact to provide?

Dami had explained to him that her brother knew about it, he would just have to call him. He was the best available option, he went to her call log and saw his contact on the list of received calls.

On inputting the number into his phone, he dialled the number. The doctor needed a family member, he would provide the number after he had relayed his own message.


“Dad?” she pinched herself slightly on her arm to confirm that she was not hallucinating.
“Ki lo se le Abike?”(What’s wrong Abike?) her father said while pulling her closely to the bed.

“Jo ko.”(sit) he ordered. “What happened to you? Why are you not at work?”
“I’m…I’m good, I’m really fine.” she stuttered while making a failed attempt to quickly clean her face.

“Sandra, I came to see you for something serious but I wasn’t expecting to see you in this state.” he explained while holding her hands.

She sniffed and tried to fake a smile, her father had called her Sandra instead of Abike. That meant she probably looked like shi.t or could it be that he really came for something serious, how come he was in her room? The last time they spoke he was still out of the country and was suppose to come back to Nigeria in about three weeks time.

“Dad, when did you arrive Nigeria?” she asked while still smiling, she had missed her father and had anticipated to introduce Fola to him on his return. She sniffed again as teardrops cascaded her already wet face.

“This morning.” he let go of her hand and cleaned her face with his palms, “Sandra, what is going on now? You are confusing me. Besides there is someone here to see you.”

“Someone? Who?” she jerked, it definitely was not Fola, Fola was far away in Benin and besides he had no link to her father. “Dad, who is it?” she asked again.

He sighed and stood from the bed while walking towards her window, she wondered what was wrong, who could be the august visitor that got her father troubled this much?

She dropped her phone and walked towards her father, she hugged him from behind and whispered “Baami, what’s going on?”

He turned and hugged her back, “I feel so sad right now, seeing you like this. Even though, I don’t know why you are sad but I feel bad that I stood in the way of your hapiness.”

What was he talking about? She withdrew from the hug and looked at her father, did this have to do with the visitor?
“Please forgive me Abike.” he continued, “I was just being foolish without realising it, forgive me.” he begged and tried to reach out to her.

She moved back, how could she forgive what she did not know, as far as she knew her father had simply suceeded in confusing her totally.
“Dad, I’m lost. You said someone came to see me, who is the person?” she asked while trembling.

“He is in the sitting room,” he replied.
She ran out of her roomand hurried downstairs, even though her face was a mess it was the least of her worries.

She got to the sitting room and was shocked to see who her visitor was.
“You?” she shouted while pointing at him, what on earth was he coming to see her for? And why did her heart have to flutter and race on seeing him?

She did not know if her anger was directed to the man in front of her or if it was to her heart that had begun to beat irregularly.


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