Principle For The Week: The Boiling Kettle

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Okay, I really do not know why I chose this topic.

There has been no principle for the week in a long while and that makes me sad.

So yesterday I was boiling water in a kettle and then this topic just came knocking.

So lets say we had three different kettles(different types), and we pour water of different volumes into the different kettles. If you place the kettles on different cookers with different heating temperatures.

There still remains one thing that will happen to the water in the kettles, it would eventually boil.

We have:
1. The Kettle = Body/ Personality
2. Water = Content
3. Cooker = Environment and other factors
4. Temperature = Your personal input

Well this is my own point of view, someone else could decide to equate the aforementioned substances with other factors.

Okay back to the subject matter, even though the kettle models are different, the water volume in each of them are equally different not to forget the different heating temperatures.

But the constant factor remains that boiling will surely occur.

Same applies to life, we are different, our talents(content) equally differ but one common relationship is that we all want to boil(succeed).

We will all succeed but lets not neglect the temperature, your personal work and job counts. If you are not diligent, it will definitely affect the rate at which you boil.

Think about it, you have the choice of determining the rate of boiling, the choice is yours.




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