Meant To Be: Episode Twenty Eight


“This is all your fault.” she cursed.
“My fault?” Evelyn laughed back, “you are crazy Tinu. You started this and I’m simply following up on what you started.”

“Me? You really are the definition of stupid, how was I suppose to know Yvonne was your girl, ehn?” she questioned, she was mad at this silly spoilt brat who had not been thinking about the consequences of her actions.

“Next time, you ask and find out if a girl is single before flirting with her.” Evelyn countered.
“Really? You amaze me, so when Dami was hospitalised. Why didn’t you wait at least and apologise?” Tinu questioned.

Evelyn clapped her hands together and stood akimbo, “Counsellor,” she hissed, “If you were in my shoes, would you have stayed?”

Tinu had no answer to that question, truth was she would have equally fled before apologising. But one thing she knew was that she was not as reckless as the i.diot standing in front of her.

She would never play childish games like Evelyn.


“Hey guys, am I playing the third wheel here or something?” Chuks interrupted Femi who was about to say something to Princess.
“Third wheel?” Princess hissed, “nobody is on a date here so how does the third wheel come into the picture?” she asked.

“He was just asking for your number and we just saw a movie, it sure looks like a date if you ask me.” Chuks countered.
Femi laughed and pointed at Princess, “Why are you staring at him that way?”

She hissed and shook her head, “Don’t mind him, he is all out to frustrate me. Sometimes I wonder if he was not supposed to be my younger brother.” she muttered under her breath.
“I heard that oh, I’m still your elder brother whether you like it or not; by the way we’ve been standing here for too long. Make we dey go now.”

They were about to enter the car when Femi’s phone began to ring,
“Hello,” a pause.
“Yes, with whom am I speaking with?”
“Where? Now?”
“What’s going on? Who is this?”
“Oh my God!” he hurriedly started the ignition while still placing the phone to his ear.

“Is this your number?” he asked the caller.
“Okay, thank you. I’ll be there soon.”
“What’s the problem?” Princess and Chuks asked in unison.

He drove out of the parking lot and sighed before replying the two siblings who were looking like they had just witnessed a murder.
“My sister has been admitted to the hospital, her boyfriend just called me.” he explained.

“What’s the situation of things?” Chuks asked.
“I don’t know, I just have to be in Unilag now. I’ll drop you guys at home and then I’ll rush down to the hospital.”
“Can’t we just go together. Its not like we have anything urgent to do at home.” Princess suggested.

“Yeah I agree with that, and it could be an opportunity to meet your sister. I’m single you know.” Chuks joked.
And all Femi could do was simply nod and smile.


He did not know the right choice of words to use, he certainly was happy to see her after a long while. All the years he had spent stalking her did not feel like this moment, although he could see she was very much angry with him.

He loved the fact that she at least was right in front of him.
“I’ve missed you.” he blurted before he could stop the words.
“What? Miss? Are you okay?” she queried. “Infact I just wish I had super strength, I would personally throw you out of this house.”

“Sandra, how have you been? This past three years, where you able to move on? I really need to know because my life has been a mess ever since, I don’t know the potion you gave to me while we were still seeing each other but I want more of it.” He continued while approaching her.


What? Miss who? Was there a flu affecting the men in her generation? How dare he use those words to her?

Why would he make a comeback to humiliate her in this manner? She never broke up with him, he left her and now here he was acting as if nothing had happened.
“Are you sick in the head or something? What’s with this charade?” she nearly shouted.

Muyiwa stared at her and merely smiled. Now why was he smiling like a castrated cow? Was she really looking a mess? How come her father had not told her that Muyiwa was the visitor, at least she would have used the time to freshen up before coming to see him.

He would think she had been suffering all the while, his smile extended into a healthy grin.
She sighed, she was going to go crazy if he did not just hit the nail on the head. His smile was doing nothing to help the butterflies in her stomach.

“What do you want Muyiwa?” she asked calmly.
He still kept on smiling, somehow she felt bad that he had stopped approaching her, why was she yearning for his touch anyways? She was supposed to be angry, wasn’t she?

She assured herself she was angry but it did not rule out the fact that she had actually missed him.
“I want you.” the simple reply he gave her.

She had no idea if that made her happy or angry, he was yet to apologise to her and here he was claiming to miss and want her.

She concluded she was crazy.

*to be continued*


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