Meant To Be: Episode Twenty Eight cont.


“Hi,” Ore greeted while extending his hand for a shake.
Femi accepted the shake, “so where is she?” he asked, this was not the time to exchange pleasantries. He had not clue as to what went wrong with Dami, all he knew was that she was hospitalised.

“I think the doctor wants to see you first.” Ore replied, he had intentionally informed him over the phone that he was Dami’s boyfriend to help her with her lesbian scandal.

At least if things got out of hand there was no way a lesbian could have a boyfriend. He just hoped he had not made the wrong move.
They went to the receptionist and Femi introduced himself before the receptionist directed him to the doctor’s office.

Femi had then informed Princess and Chuks to sit in the waiting room.


After making the necessary introductions, the doctor had asked Ore to excuse them.
“Why?” Ore had been quick to ask, he had been Dami’s guardian and he was equally worried. Why would the doctor ask him to leave the office?

“Because I have to discuss with her brother, are you going to teach me how to do my job now?” she questioned with a stern look on her face.
“I’m sorry,” he replied nonapologetically and informed Femi, “I’ll be waiting outside.”

“So,” the doctor began, Femi assumed it was one of those unnecessary speech professionals gave. He really hoped she would cut to the chase and stop with the ceremony.

She gave a slight cough and smiled catching his attention, “your mind seems to be very far, I’m guessing you did not hear what I just said now.”
“I’m sorry,” he replied curtly, “actually I didn’t.” he continued, “Doctor could you just tell me what is wrong with my sister?” he asked, what was the point in wasting time?

“I see, that’s the cause of your worry. You need not be worried, she’s perfectly fine. She was only attended to because she fainted.” she explained.
“Faint? Since when did people start getting hospitalised because of fainting?” he asked, except if there was more to the story than he was actually getting.

“There are cases like that. The reason I asked to see a family member is because this is not the first time she is experiencing syncope.”
“Syncope?” he asked, what could that mean?

“That’s just the medical word for fainting. I attended to her the last time and it was worse. Generally the more a person faints, the more likely they are to faint again. Besides the university exams would soon begin and it would be bad if she faints again, it could affect her academic performance.” the doctor explained.

Femi nodded, “so in essence, its not serious right?” he said, more of a question than a statement.
“Well, yes.” she replied.
“So why did you have to involve the family members?” he asked, the doctor could have just advised her rather than making him scared this way. What if Maami had been the one to receive the call? The woman could have passed out as a result of panic. He sighed

“Because I’m putting her on bed rest. Most times fainting is caused by emotional stress, do you know if she is going through such at this point?” she asked.
“I don’t know.” he replied, the last time he had spoken to her she had claimed to be fine.

“Or could it be exam pressure?” he asked.
“It could be, I really don’t know.” the doctor replied, but I think its best you talk to her and know what the problem is? It would be terrible if she faints in an isolated place like the bathroom for instance.” the doctor concluded, “anyways, that will be all for now. I’ll take you to her room so you can see her.”
“Okay, thank you doctor.”

He hoped his sister was not in a serious trouble like pregnancy or abortion.


“Do you think I should talk to her?” she asked.
“Why? It would be weird, I started this I should end it.” he countered.
“But you are going to return the money, right?”
“Yes.” he affirmed.

“I’m taking Victor to school tomorrow, he has been absent from school for a while.”
“How is your tailoring business going?” he asked.
“Okay, its you I’m worried about. What are you going to do now that you’re in Benin for good?”

“I called a friend yesterday and he asked me to come see him tomorrow. I’m hoping for the best. We’ll start all over again and I’ll marry you properly. I promise.” he said and kissed her firmly on the lips.

He held on to her face and grabbed her lips for a deeper kiss, he made to unzip her dress when her phone began to ring.

They both ignored the caller and continued to devour each other’s lips. He proceeded to lay her on the bed and had undressed her when the phone began to ring again.

She coughed huskily and replied,”let me just pick it,” the sound of her voice did not even sound like hers.

She coughed again and picked the call,
“Good evening Sir,”
“He’s around,”
“Okay” she passed the phone to Osagie who covered the mouthpiece before asking her,
“Who wants to speak with me?”

And the simple reply she gave him was, “My dad.”

A reply that reminded him of the many hurdles he was yet to defeat.


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