Meant To Be: Episode Twenty Nine


“What did the doctor say?”
“How is she?”
“Whats up?”
The questions they immediately asked him while standing in unison as they saw him approaching the waiting room.

He smiled, it was good to have friends who cared, even Princess looked worried. “She’s okay, the doctor just wanted to talk to a family member.” he replied.

“Why would the doctor need to see a family member?” Ore asked, if he had known he probably would have rephrased the question in a different way.
He realised his mistake when he noticed the looks he got from the three adults with him.

“I’m sorry, that came out wrong. What I meant to ask was how come the doctor asked for a family member since she just fainted. I’m worried, is it that there is something more serious?” he shrugged and raised his hands in mock surrender.

Femi stood and signalled to Princess and Chuks, “Please I’ll be back soon.” he turned towards Ore and still not smiling said, “come with me outside now.”

Ore walked behind him, he really had no idea if Dami’s elder brother was cool but he did not want to get in his bad books. It would be sad if they started off on a bad note since he had made himself a self-proclaimed boyfriend. Or did Dami have a boyfriend from home already?

The thoughts going on in Femi’s head were however different, what emotional stress was Dami going through? If she was pregnant, the doctor could have mentioned it. Could it be that she had had an abortion for her so-called boyfriend? He shrieked as he thought of another possiblity, was she into drugs? He had heard about stories of people whose lovers were drug barons and as such became involved in it automatically. He would kill the dude if Dami was in a serious mess.

They got to an open space opposite the staff school and Ore spoke up first,
“I didn’t get to tell you my name, I’m Ore and I know yours.” he smiled.
“Good then, Ore.” Femi replied, “actually I don’t like beating around the bush. So I’m going to make this easier for the both of us.” he explained.

“Okay, I’m all ears.”
“What’s going on with my sister?”
“Pardon.” Ore replied, he really needed to think about the words he said before spewing them. But everything suddenly appeared strange, how could Femi be asking him what was going on with Dami after she had claimed he was well informed about it?

“Is it a really serious issue that you can’t tell me,” Femi asked, he had this look that did not make him appear that tough anymore.
“Well, it is kind of serious and complicated. I thought you knew about it.” Ore said.

“No,” Femi paced around, what would he tell maami? “Was she pregnant?” he quickly asked hoping for a negative answer.

“Hell no!” Ore shouted, he had never even gotten to kiss Dami talk more about getting to second base. He laughed and looked at Femi who was looking confused.

“I think its best she tells you herself.” he replied.

If there was anyone to do the talking, it certainly had to be Dami.


On impulse she ran to him and began to hit him continously, she kept on hitting his chest, his face, his arms and any part of his body her hands came in contact with.
How could he be so mean? How could he have left her for so long without any contact only to show up on a day like this claiming to want and miss her? How? She kept asking herself the how and why questions with her hands continually drumming on Muyiwa.

She probably did not realise she was crying at the same time till he spoke to her and hugged her by all means.
“I’m sorry I made you cry. I’m really sorry.” On hearing his apology, the rate at which she was hitting him reduced drastically while her sobbing increased immensely.

What was she doing allowing him to hug her? Did she belong in his arms or in Fola’s arms? Both men had disappointed her and at that point she knew she was a single lady, she quickly withdrew from Muyiwa’s hug and made to clean her face with her palms.

“Leave my house.” she blurted.
“What? I came to see you, to talk things through, to start afresh.” he begged with his hands stretched towards her for another embrace.
“Don’t even think about it, talk about what?” she sobbed, “do you know what I’ve been through all these time? You just think you can make an appearance and everything goes back to normal, ehn?” she asked with the tears flowing freely this time, she made no effort to clean it. Today had simply topped the chart of bad days for her, “Just leave.” she concluded and turned her back at him only to find her father standing in front of her.

He was crying, she had totally forgotten that her dad was feeling morose all this time, “Baami why are you crying?” she asked while cleaning his face with her hands.

“Abike, forgive me. Muyiwa has done nothing wrong, its all my fault. I’m sorry.” he replied.
“Uhn?” she asked, confusion was an understatement for what she felt at that point. She turned to see Muyiwa’s face for any confirmation or disaproval of what her father was about to say only to realise he was gone.

*to be continued*


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