Meant To Be: Episode Thirty


“Aunty Princess,” she knew that voice anywhere. She turned to see Kike coming out of the store beaming with smiles.
“How are you Kike?” she greeted, the last time she saw her was at the library and the girl was looking elegant even prettier than her wicked sister Kenny.

“I’m fine oh, you never even bothered to call again ever since I gave you my phone number.” Kike pouted while slinging the shopping bag she carried over her shoulder.

“Don’t mind me jawe, when are you going to school?” she asked.
“Next month.” Kike replied, “have you seen my sister since you got back?” she asked, the girl was probably unaware that she and Kenny were not in good terms.

“No, greet her for me. I’ll talk to you later” Princess smiled and was about to walk away, the mention of Kenny made her feel like throwing up and she knew the smile she wore was a fake one.

“Why don’t you greet me personally?” What? Was Kenny eavesdropping all the while? She turned to meet the devil herself standing in front of her.
“Our tomboy,” Kenny laughed, “You really are rocking this your lifestyle oh.” she laughed again.

Princess wanted to say something but it was as if a rope had been used to tie her throat, she wished she could stand up to this biatch who was always making her feel like shi.t.

Even if it would happen just once in her lifetime, she wanted to lash back at her and make her feel terrible too.
“Sister Kenny, why are you talking to your friend like this now?” Kike spoke up, “Haba! What’s going on sef? Aunty Princess, I’ll call you later tonight. Bye bye, take care of yourself.” Kike smiled at her and began to walk away from the store.

Princess sighted Femi’s car parked across the road, Chuks and Femi were still waiting for her and here she was staring like a zombie.
“So you won’t say anything to me uhn?” Kenny persisted, the girl was not ready to give up.

“Anyways, one last question before I leave.” Kenny continued, what was she going to say this time? Princess wondered, one thing she knew for sure was that it was not going to be a nice question.

Kenny walked upto her and stood directly in front of her, “Its a simple question, don’t get scared now darling. Do you have a boyfriend yet? Have you found ‘true love’?” she asked while making air quotes with her fingers.

“No answer for me, awww, na your palava be that oh. I hope I’ll get to see you again before you return to your school sha, odabo tomboy wa (Goodbye our tomboy).”

The hot liquid that greeted Princess lips made her realise she was crying. How on earth had they been friends in the past?


“Dad explain to me before I run crazy.” she screamed, “enough of the drama already.”
“Sit,” her father instructed and took his place besides her.

“Okay, can you explain to me now.” she pleaded, “just put me out of this misery, I beg of you baami.”
“Abike, do you know Senator Funsho?” he asked while avoiding eye contact.
“Of course I do, what has he got to do with this?” she questioned, there was no way she would not know the senator. Her father and senator Funsho had been at loggerheads with each other as far back as she could remember.

“Do you know why we are enemies?” he asked again.
“Well, I’m guessing it has do with politics. I don’t know the details though.” hearing the sound of her voice sounded weird, how could one voice bear so much sorrow in it.

“Well, you are right but our fight started a long time ago before that.” he explained while looking at her in the face this time.
She said nothing but merely looked at her father, she was yet to understand how this issue was related to Muyiwa.

“Well, Funsho once offered your mum money to jilt me when we were much younger. When she turned him down, he resorted to blackmail and even attacked me with thugs. I was quite poor then and was still struggling with your late mother. It was really a serious issue”

What? She had never really gotten to know her mother, but from what her father was telling her, she could see that he had every reason to hate senator Funsho.

Blackmail? Bribe? Thugs? She shook her head, she had always thought senator Funsho was only involved in the political life of her father but now it was a surprise to know he had been interested in her late mother as well.

She caught her father smiling, “I thank God for the woman I married, she was faithful and things later changed before we lost her. Whenever I see you I remember her,” he smiled again.

She knew she was suppose to say something at least to comfort her father but she just found it easier keeping quiet.
She held his hands and rubbed her palms against his palms, that way she knew she was at least consoling him.

But what made the conversation off was that she did not find any relationship between the story her father just told her and Muyiwa.
“Dad,” she spoke out rather quickly.
“Erm, I don’t get how what you just explained is related to Muyiwa.”

“Abike, if you must know. Muyiwa is Funsho’s first son.”

*to be continued*


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