Meant To Be: Episode Twenty Nine cont.


After his tête-à-tête with Ore, they had gone to see Dami who was awake by the time they got to the room where she was staying. Even though Femi observed that she had worn a worried expression on sighting him at first but after she had exchanged some silent facial messages with Ore, she had begun to smile again.

He had promised to come check on her again tomorrow, that would be a better time to extract the details of her ’emotional stress’ wahala from her. He made sure to quote the emotional stress in his mind, he just had no idea what the problem was.

Her boyfriend had not even left him with a clue, he made a mental note to call Titi as soon as he got home. She would be able to advise him on what to do, there was no way he would allow maami know about it until the matter would be resolved; even if it was a simple solution that had been provided.

His thoughts was interrupted by Chuks who spoke from the back seat,
“Thanks man, as in today was just on point. I had fun at the cinema and then you rounded it off beautifully by introducing me to your georgeous sister.” he grinned , the way he was smiling one would be scared that his smile would soon form a union with his ears.

Femi looked at him from the mirror and smiled, “she is a small girl oh and besides she has a boyfriend. Do you remember the guy we met at the hospital?” he asked.

“Ouch! Too bad,” Chuks replied, “anyways she is a fine girl sha.”
“Thanks jawe, I mean for everything. You and Princess, I really appreciate you both accompanying me to the hospital.”

“You are welcome,” Princess who had been quiet all the while spoke, “and ignore Chuks, all the girls he has isn’t enough for him. If he goes near your sister be sure to chase him with a machete.” she joked.
“Wicked girl,” Chuks interrupted while laughing also.

“Uhm, please wait Femi. I want to quickly get something from this store.” Princess spoke, they were almost approaching their house and she was yet to buy the jar of mayonnaise her mum had instructed her to buy.

“You want to get something?” he said, more of a question.
“Yes, you guys just wait. I’ll be fast.” she replied while coming out of the car.

Chuks brought out his phone and began to play a song loudly from it while singing along, “So you still think I am confident and damn
Is this gonna last?
You’re up on a pedastal
Are we moving too fast?
Feels like I’m in crazy competition with the past
That’s why I gotta ask…”

“Chuks ooooooo,” Femi interrupted, “Please abeg, reduce the volume or just use earpiece biko. I’m not a fan of Drake, no offense.”he pleaded.
“Sorry about that, you don’t know what you’re missing sha.” Chuks apologised while plugging in his earpiece to his phone.

From his side mirror, Femi saw Princess coming out of the store with a white nylon in her hands, she stopped to greet a girl who looked much younger.

He smiled as he saw Princess’ face break into a smile but his smile quickly disappeared when another girl came and started talking to Princess, the smile on her face was then replaced by a face that looked timid and terrified.

That was the first time he was seeing the jovial, playful and daring tomboy he adored look like a weakling.

Whoever the other lady was, he knew she had some superiority over Princess and he did not like the thought of that at all.


“What did he say?” she asked, a part of her was terrified that the feud between her father and Osagie was yet to be over while another part of her was hopeful that things would eventually become calm.

“He wants to see me tomorrow,” he replied while handing her the phone.
“See you? As in you alone or both of us?” she asked, it was best to be inquisitive in times like this. As far as she knew, a meeting between Osagie and her father was like a mixture of oil and water, they simple were not compatible.

“He specifically instructed me to come alone, baby don’t get worried over that. If I have to ask your hand in marriage properly then I really need him to see me as a son-in-law.” He explained while cupping her cheeks with his palms.

He gave her a lingering kiss on the lips and broke the kiss while gasping for air. He hurriedly pulled his shirt off while looking her deep into her eyes as though he was on a quest to read the thoughts that lied within her head.

“You are still worried, huh?” he asked while his fingers traced her jaw line.
She shivered and whispered a silent, “yes”

“Don’t worry about that for now, lets worry about now. Where were we before that phone call?” he asked with a smug smile on his face.

“You really do not remember?” she asked playfully while walking away from him making sure she swayed her hips in the process.

“Not so fast.” he halted her by pulling her back to him and grabbing her by the hips while grazing his lips against hers with full force.

Even though he had told her not to worry, the truth was he was very much worried and anxious about the meeting with his supposed father-in-law the next day.


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