Meant To Be: Episode Thirty cont.


He took a look at his wristwatch, approximately in ten more minutes he would get to his destination.
Getting dressed had been a big deal, he had made a big fuss about it that Omoye had jokingly asked if he was going for a job interview.

He knew he was not perfect but if he could make his appearance look perfect for his prospective father-in-law, he would do it.

A message came into his phone sent by Omoye,
*Baby, Don’t get worked up over this. Just remember I love you. Kisses

He smiled and started scrolling through the messages they had sent to each other in the past when he came across Sandra’s messages.

A pang of guilt hit him really hard, he had not even bothered to call her, scratch that. Truth was he did not know what to tell her over the phone. Thank goodness, she had not bothered calling; as he thought of it, he realised it was weird. Any lady who was supposed to be head over heels in love with a man was supposed to be calling often by now especially after Omoye had picked his call.

He alighted from the bus and his mind seemed to be bent on knowing why Sandra had not called. Could it be that she was ill? Did she faint on discovering Omoye picked his call? Women could be overly emotional atimes, or was it possible that she was never interested in him?

The person screaming his name from behind was all it took to break into his thoughts.


“Wetin happen? You’ve been quiet ever since?” Chuks asked, they were just returning from the gym and Femi had been quiet, simply nodding or smiling sheepishly even when it was not necessary.

He smiled again, “I’m fine, my mind is just preoccupied with so much information, thats all.”
“Okay oh, just don’t overload your brain sha.” Chuks joked.
They kept quiet until they got to their apartment before bidding each other farewells.

Femi sat on the settee in his sitting room and cleaned the beads of sweat that had formed on his face, truth was his mind was occupied with so many information.

He had spoken to Titi yesterday about Dami and she had simply advised him to go hear her out today while talking to her with patience, meanwhile she had complained about complications. He wondered why she was not scared, she was due for delivery and compliactions arising did not sound like a good thing.

Dami on the other hand was like a pot stinking albeit covered, he knew there was a problem but what the problem was, he was yet to find out.

Those were family issues and he was supposed to be worried about them, but the matter that got him speechless the entire day was that of Princess’. He could have sworn he saw her crying yesterday in front of the store.

He had seen another part of her, he was yet to truly understand her nature. One time she looked playful, jovial, daring and boisterious, he liked it when she was that way. Other times she was reserved as though she was scared to take a risk, he could make do with that personality of hers too.

But the timid, terrified and crying Princess he saw yesterday was not something he wanted to witness again. She had quickly cleaned her eyes before coming into the car yesterday acting as though nothing had happened, but he had noticed and that image had simply refused to erase from his head.

She had not even followed them to the gym today, he wanted to know who the other lady that made her that way was. He wanted to encourage her to stand and fight for herself, but he knew he could not.

She was yet to really know and trust him, he was just getting to know her and asking personal questions would make him look too forward. He did not even have her phone number, else he probably would have called her to know if she was okay.

He stood and headed to the bathroom, he still had a mission to accomplish in Unilag.


She knocked on her father’s room and greeted him, they were yet to end the conversation they started yesterday.

“So you asked him to leave me?” she asked, it was darn obvious. Her father had been the reason Muyiwa had simply abandoned her.

“I’m sorry, I thought his father had put him up to it, but Muyiwa never stopped begging to see you. I only forbade him from coming close to you.” he explained.

“Dad just stop, how could you ask him to leave me for three years? Why didn’t you tell me all these then baami?” she could feel the tears threatening to flow. She however shook her head, enough of the crying already.

“I’m sorry Abike.” he replied, “I did it to protect you.”
She laughed hysterically, “protecting me would have been informing me and not taking action into your hands. I really loved him Dad,” the tears were proving adamant this time, “No Dad, you went too far.”

He said nothing this time, she tightened her lips together before adding, “three years baami, three good years, and you never mentioned it but yesterday.”

She touched her left eye and felt the wet liquid that would probably flow anytime soon. She told herself this was not the time to cry but the time for action.


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