Principle For The Week: Is The Pain Necessary?

Hello amazing people,

It’s a beautiful new week and we are kicking it off with the Principle for the week as usual.

A very funny idea popped up in my head today as I was about to draft this article. Not to worry I’ll tell you, well I wanted to write on ‘the cooking pot’, since last week we discussed on ‘the boiling kettle’, #laughs.

But I’m not going to talk about that today.

Back to the subject matter:

1. Have you ever been involved in the planning of an event say a wedding, birthday party, funeral, a programme in school or at your office ?

2. Have you ever gone through a phase of sleeplessness, fatigue and so much stress all because you are trying to achieve your goal?

3. Have you ever experienced that moment of pain that makes you wonder ‘if this is really necessary?’

4. Have you been subjected to compulsory treatment, say introduction of needles to your skin all in a bid to cure an ailment and then you really wish there was a shortcut to it all?

I could keep on bringing up so many questions but I’d be tempted to write a short story, maybe the Principle for next week would have a story as an illustration, #grins.

The fact is we all have at some point in our lives gone through that phase of pain, hardships, distress and emotional turmoil but the beauty of it all is that whatever be the reason for the pain, the reward of your effort eliminates the memories.

If you are sick and you have to swallow numerous pills or take injections, something most people hate. Truth is you really wish you could hit the sickness and have it vanish but alas after your treatment when you are hale and hearty, you eventually forget the pains you had to endure.

Organising an event can be really demanding, it takes careful calculations, strategic planning and sometimes if you happen to be the team leader, your team mates could even pose as another source of worry.

When the invitees come for the program and everyone praises the organisers of the event saying it was splendid, beautiful and other amazing adjectives. Do you know the joy and sense of fulfillment you get when you hear that?

Personally I just finished my exams, and during the period I was writing my papers there were days I only got to sleep for one hour. The blood thirsty mosquitoes that feasted on me while I read in class at night, or do I begin to describe the few times I almost broke down when it all felt like shit?

The good thing is exams are over, I now have the leeway to relax and have fun as I’d love to. And I believe God that the results would be splendid too.

The point is sometimes the pains we go through are just what we need to attain that peak of fulfillment, it is popularly said that ‘NO PAIN NO GAIN’.

I totally agree, I have no idea who this might help but that’s the aim of this blog- inspiring you.

You might be experiencing hurdles in your life, family, relationship, career or perhaps you know a friend who is going through such.

Wear a smile and endure it, the reward would certainly be worth it.

Do drop your comments and share with your friends and foes. 😀




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