Meant To Be: Episode Thirty One cont.


“Is it that bad that you don’t even know our compound, na wa oh.” Omoye’s father exclaimed while returning to the bench where he had been sitting.

Osagie rubbed his palm against his chin and apologised, “I’m sorry.” He had been carried away in his thoughts and had not realised he had passed the building till he heard his name being called.

Now his father-in-law would think he was a jerk.
He followed the man who had already sat comfortably on the bench and stood beside him.

“E better make you siddon oh,” Mr Victor Snr. instructed.
Osagie sat on the bench and greeted him formally, they had started off on a wrong foot already and he would try as much to right these for Omoye and his son’s sake.

“I know you think I’m a wicked person, na you sabi oh. I’m not ready to change your opinion,” the man spoke first.

“But ever since you put my daughter in the family way and eventually had her to yourself. Haven’t you ever thought of coming to at least apologise to her parents?” He continued while staring hard at Osagie.

Osagie had no idea what terrified him about this man, maybe it was the dream he had about him threatening to shoot him sometime ago.
“I’m sorry about that sir,” he apologised.

“You just dey talk sorry sorry since.” he snapped, “see I’m doing this because I want the best for my daughter. I know she loves you and I’ve realised that I can’t fight against that anymore.”

Osagie stared at his prospective father-in-law with mixed feelings. Was there some latent hope in his last statement? Was it possible that he and this man would ever become friends?

“The main reason I asked you to see me is because I want to hear it from your own lips?” the man continued without changing the direction of his gaze, Osagie’s face.

“When are you coming to do the needful?”


“That’s the game plan. You asked for it and I’m here to follow it to the last letter.” she poured out like an actress who had carefully learnt her lines.

He stared at her still in shock but her next course of action was one that increased the shock tremendously.

“What?” he screamed with his hands on his face, “What was that for?”
She gave a weak smile, “That’s for leaving me for the past three years without an explanation.”

“I’m…” His speech was interrupted by another slap that greeted him on his cheeks.

“Sandra!” he screamed while panting, what was with the sequential slaps? He wondered what that was for, the look he gave her told her he needed an explanation.

She rubbed her palms slightly and sniffed before answering, “That was for coming back and just claiming to want and miss me.”

“But it’s the truth.” he said, his throat was becoming clogged by the pain he felt both from the slaps and his heart which was almost shattered.


She smiled again, if only he knew she was not yet done with him. She still felt the bond they had once shared and in a way it did not feel wrong trusting the words that fell from his mouth.

Her hands were beginning to hurt her already but she was determined to stick to her game plan. She made to hit him again across the face but he was quick to grab her hands while shoving her roughly against the wall.

“Please stop,” he shouted, “It hurts. What was that supposed to be for?” he asked while breathing frantically.

She was panting too, she had not been close to him this way ever since he disappeared. She stared at his lips and his ears which she had always told him she adored.

The movement of his lips tempted her to unite hers with his, but doing that would make her look desperate for his touch although she knew she was really desperate for it. She closed her eyes to resist the urge while replying him.

“That was supposed to be for you still making my heart beat this way after all this time.” she confessed, there was no point hiding it anymore.

She waited for him to say something but her ears were only welcomed by the sound of her heart beating in synchrony with his.

“I’m going to do something now too.” he spoke while speaking in low tones.
She wondered what it was and did not have to think too much when the warmth of his lips greeted hers. He pressed against her while kissing her with all his being, she did not bother to fight it.

She had afterall thought about it before, she felt his grip tighten against her waist as he drew her closely to himself while using his tongue to fight hers.

It was a war between their mouths, she had missed this feeling. It felt as if she was learning the basics to kiss again, she allowed his tongue free entrance into her mouth while tugging at his shirt unconsciously.

She had no idea if allowing him to kiss her and kissing him back was the right thing to do, but all she knew was that she was discarding common sense.

She kissed him back with the same energy and simply allowed him kiss her senseless.


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