Meant To Be: Episode Thirty One


He kept staring at her with his mouth wide open, he was short of words and all he could do was really keep on staring.

Talk about being dumbstruck, how could his sister have gone through all that and no member of the family had been able to figure it out. Teenagers were truly complicated species, he closed his mouth as he noticed the weird look on Ore’s face.

“Wait oh,” he eventually got a hold of himself, “so you mean to tell me that all this while, you…you’ve been…infact, I don’t even know.” he said while stammering repeatedly.

“No, no, no,” Femi kept on repeating, he was totally caught off guard. He had kept on imagining different ordeals while on his way to the hospital only to hear a different story.

If she had told him a cult guy was disturbing her, he would have believed it instantly. Any other story but this lesbian tale she came up with, he almost believed her but doubts had stepped in when he recalled she said it had started when she was in secondary school.

The Dami he knew was very emotional, how she had managed to hide such from the entire family baffled him. Perhaps that was why she was going through the ’emotional stress’ the doctor spoke about, the burdens of being the butt of such scandals at a tender age had finally broken her down.

He looked at her and Ore before excusing himself, he had to talk to Titi, as far as he was concerned his brain had temporarily shut down.

Dami nodded and looked at Ore who was sitting across her as if his face would provide her with courage, Ore simply smiled back and nodded slightly.

A gesture that opened her eyes to the beauty of friendship.


“Faster,” she ordered.
“Madam easy, if I speed pass this one e no go good like that now,” the okada man tried to explain.

“Sha dey go,” she said, she had to get to Muyiwa’s place before she lost the courage she had summoned to make this trip.

The question ‘how dare he?’ was all that had kept on repeating in her head since yesterday. If not for anything at all, had he not seen movies where lovers fought to be by each other even when there were oppositions?

How could he just chicken out simply her father had instructed him to do so? She was still a little bit angry at her father but she knew deep within her that she was angry at everything, from Muyiwa to her father to Fola who had obviously abandoned her.

She signalled to the okada man to stop in front of Muyiwa’s company. She had frequented this place so much in the past that it seemed as if yesterday was the last time she came there.

She walked into the office complex and entered the elevator, his office was on the twentieth floor. She was the only occupant in the elevator and memories of them making out once in that same elevator came knocking, they had been interrupted by a security official and she had been so embarrased back then.

The ding of the elevator broke into her thoughts and the same security personnel came into the elevator. Unconsciously she burst into laughter which earned an ‘are you okay?’ look from the man.

She smiled and quickly apologised, just when she had been reminiscing on old times. She quickly reminded herself that she had a mission to fulfill.

She came out of the elevator on getting to the twentieth floor, she waved at the secretary and quickly mouthed a silent “He’s expecting me.”

It was still the same old secretary, the secretary gave her a thorough scutiny. She panicked within her, could it be that the lady could no longer recognise her?

“Madam,” the secretary smiled, “I knew I had seen your face before. Long time, you just stopped visiting. Let me tell oga you’re here.” she concluded while picking up the phone.

“No, no, no.” Sandra quickly signalled to stop her, “I told him I’d come today but I didn’t state the time. I want to surprise him, please do not ruin it.” she pleaded with the best puppy face she could make.

The secretary smiled and signalled her to go ahead. She approached the office and held his door knob in her hands while taking a deep breath, she really hoped she could pull this through.

She opened the door and saw him making a phone call while facing his window, he turned to see the intruder and informed the caller to expect his call later.

Approching her like she was a mirage who could disappear any minute he asked, “Sandra, is this really you? I wasn’t expecting you.”

“That’s the game plan. You asked for it and I’m here to follow it to the last letter.” she poured out like an actress who had carefully learnt her lines.

He stared at her still in shock but her next course of action was one that increased the shock tremendously.

*to be continued*


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