Meant To Be: Episode Thirty Two


“What?” she shouted while nearly jumping out of the bed, “Why would you tell him that?” she questioned.

He looked at her and could not find his voice for a few seconds, why was she acting like this? Was it that she could not picture them ever dating? Or was she just worried that her brother would be angry or something?

“I really don’t see why you are taking it serious, it’s not like it’s true.” he replied while concluding his statement with a ‘yet’ in his head. Even though they were not dating, he still hoped they would get to that point.

“What are you saying now? So you just told him that you are my boyfriend and you expect me to applaud you without even knowing the reason for your actions?” she spoke quite fast that he could not tell if she was displeased, disappointed or angry.

“I just want to know why you did it, at least I know we are not dating and I know you to be very sensible. Forgive me if I sound overly emotional right now.” she continued.

He smiled, how could he not be attracted to her when she always knew the right things to say? He was glad she was not angry but merely confused.

“Talk jare and stop grinning like what I don’t know.” she frowned playfully.
“Don’t mind me, but I did it to help us.” Ore explained.

“Help us?” she asked.
“Yes! Your problem is my problem you know.” he explained.
She smiled, “Now you’re just the sweetest guy I’ve ever met.” she teased while playfully hitting him on his hand.

“Oya explain now.” she persisted.
“Haba! So you can’t still figure out why I did that?” he asked, how could she not figure it yet or was she playing around with him?

“To be frank, my brain is on sleep mode at the moment. I can’t process so many information as it is.” She teased.
He laughed, “sleep mode my foot. Okay how do you think your brother would have felt if you had told him your experiences and then he finds it hard to link you to a guy.” he explained while holding her hands, “He would be tempted to believe you were truly involved in lesbianism.”

She nodded and smiled, “Thank you. I think I get what you are saying now, but since he thinks you are truly my boyfriend he would believe me more.”

“Exactly,” he affirmed.
“Thank you Ore, I owe you big time. Thank you for everything, I really don’t know how I can repay you now.” she said while still beaming with smiles.

“Well, you can start by giving me a hug.” he blurted before he could stop the words, he could not remember the last time he had hugged her.

“Okay,” she replied while extending her hands.

He inched closer to her on the bed and held her in a tight embrace.

Something he had been dying to do for long.


She tossed around her bed for the umpteenth time that day, sleeping for too long had not even done her any good. She still felt weak from crying too much.

She was happy that Chuks and Femi had not suspected her crying yesterday when she returned to the car else she probably would have lot of explanations to do.

She unlocked her phone and checked her facebook account, she had a message in her inbox.

*Hey girfriend,
I’ve been trying to reach you for ages. Abeg accept my friend request.
My brother’s wedding is coming up in two weeks time and I would love if you could be present.
My brother has even been disturbing me to reach you, he says it’s been long he heard from you.
Do reply when you get this message.
Dara Solake.

Princess smiled and accepted her friend request, Dara had been her classmate in school and her elder brother Timi had been a good mentor to her before he left secondary school and travelled abroad.

He had coached her and other juniors in SS1 on mathematics and he had particularly taken interest in her as he claimed she was exceptionally brilliant.

She had lost contact with him when he travelled abroad for his university education and was particularly excited at the prospects of seeing him again.

She typed her reply to Dara informing her she would be present at the wedding, she equally asked her to send her details on the venue and time.

It was when she sent the message that she became worried, the source of her worry was not far fetched.

There was every possibility that Kenny and Princewill would be in attendance.


He placed the ringing phone close to his ear, why was it taking her forever to pick the call? He dialled her number for the fifth time and heaved a sigh of relief when she picked the call.

“Hello Titi,” he spoke quickly into the phone, “I’m confused oh. You really need to hear the whole story and help me out.”
“Ehn? Ki lon so?” (What? What are you saying?)

What? He checked his phone to check the number he had dialled, of course it was Titi’s, how come maami had picked the call? He placed the phone close to his ear and said,

“Femi, emi noni.” (Femi, it is me.)
“Ibo ni Titi wa?” (Where is Titi?) he asked. He was scared already, Titi had complained about complications the last time they spoke, could it be that something was wrong?


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